Learn Reiki Energy Healing & Connect to Your Guides

dallas texas reiki master-teachere63f828acde7583515251afcdf2f9f17Experiencing pain or depression?  Depleted or stagnant energy, or ki, might be an underlying cause.  Reiki can help you release this unwanted energy and restore well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

This nourishing healing energy is administered through gentle touch while you are fully clothed. dallas reiki master-teacher

I am beaming Reiki to you in this photo.  Check in and see if you can feel, see, or otherwise sense the loving Reiki energy flowing to you.

Trust what you perceive!  And let yourself receive the healing energy.

Most of my clients have latent healing and psychic gifts and a deep desire to reduce suffering and help others.  Reiki is an easy way to do this.  You can use this energy for preventative personal healthcare, balancing energy and healing others, manifestation, prayers for world peace, and more!


If this sounds fun to you, trust your sensitivity and know that you have a team of spirit reikiclassguides who led you to this web page.  I want to encourage you to explore and develop your gifts!  No need to fear, you can do it!  And you are not alone.  Peaceful Presents is a community of healers, just like you. 

Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch offers:

bookingpeacePlease explore the site to learn more!

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2 thoughts on “Learn Reiki Energy Healing & Connect to Your Guides

  1. I am a Reiki Master through the Usui school, very interested in learning more about holy fire and hoped you could tell me more

    • Hi Arthur, Holy Fire has been very interesting for me, and I will definitely blog more about it over this year. The big things is that it spontaneously heals old issues and is very purifying. After my Holy Fire attunement, I was at a concert and randomly “heard” inside my head that “a karmic cycle of depression has ended.” I had suffered from depression for probably a decade or more and wondered if this could possibly be true. I had tried all sorts of ways to heal, and kept feeling so frustrated. But this time, it was different. I have not had anywhere near the amount of depression that once kept me feeling so terrible. And I’ve barely just begun practicing with Holy Fire! Pretty cool, to say the least. 🙂

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