Affordable Reiki Therapy Options in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Reiki is a beautiful energy that helps restore balance on the physical, emotionaAffordable Reiki Treatment Dallasl, mental, and spiritual levels so that the recipient can heal.
Receiving a personal Reiki treatment can be powerfully transformative and relaxing; still, it is not always affordable if you are on a tight budget.
So, how can you receive Reiki if cost is an issue?  In the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, there are several ways to receive the healing benefit of Reiki without breaking the bank.
  • Get attuned to Reiki yourself by taking a Reiki class.  I give myself Reiki daily, and I only paid for the attunement once (about $150).  I rarely need pain medicine even though I have a chronic pain condition, and the Reiki often zaps my cramps and headaches without needing any other form of treatment…. Plus, daily self-treatment enhances my overall wellbeing and helps me prevent potential health issues later down the line.  Learning and practicing Reiki is truly an investment in yourself!
  • Once initiated, attend Reiki shares to give and receive treatments.  Once you are attuned to Reiki, you can participate in Reiki shares, including my monthly energy healing circle, which I list on Meetup.  At these casual and friendly gatherings, you can give and receive Reiki from others who are attuned for free or for a love offering regularly.  Plus, you can share your Reiki experiences with others and learn from their experiences as well!
  • Consider distance treatment ($60 with e-mail follow-up, compared to $80+ in person) as an option for affordable personal treatment.  With a distance treatment, the Reiki practitioner sends healing to you over a distance, so you will not need to come by an office for your treatment.  Reiki is effective over a distance, and it is amazing to feel the energy working even when the practitioner is not present.  With this option, you will still receive a private session and a full hour of healing, but you won’t meet the practitioner in person or benefit from the power of direct touch.
  • Shorter 30-minute sessions are also a budget-friendly option.  Stop by Peaceful Presents walk-in hours on Wednesdays to receive a one-on-one 30-minute Reiki touch therapy treatment for only $30.  Several clients who have come with nagging physical pains have told me that the pain relief from Reiki lasted for days after their 30-minute boost, so even a short session can provide powerful healing.
  • Otherwise, the Reiki Fellowship ( offers free treatments twice a month in Dallas.  Reiki Fellowship meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Dallas Meditation Center in RIchardson, and treatments are available between 10 am and 12:30 pm.  The group meets on the third Saturday of each month at the Kessler Park United Methodist Church in Oak Cliff and offers treatments from 10 am until 12:30 pm.  Arrive early for the best chance of receiving a treatment!

So, there are many options for cost-effective and budget-friendly Reiki treatment options in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Receiving an attunement and channeling Reiki yourself is definitely the wisest investment, since you can give treatments to yourself and participate in energy healing shares with others after you get connected.

Distance treatments and shorter sessions are also economical ways to receive Reiki, and the Reiki Fellowship provides free Reiki treatments to the DFW community twice a month.

Boundaries & Healing, Part 5: How To Effectively Address Boundary Violations

We now understand the concept of boundaries from Part 1, and in Part 2, we completed a meditation to establish firm boundaries. Part 3 looked at how our emotions can indicate boundary violations. Part 4 explored examples of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundary violations.

In order to maintain personal safety and integrity, it is essential to address boundary violations as soon as they are perceived.  How you respond is largely personal and depends on the type of boundary violated.  Let’s go through different forms of boundary violation and consider different responses.

Physical Boundary Violation

Physical boundary violations include trespassing, theft, violent action, and physical harm.  If you experience a violation of your physical boundary, you have many options available.  You will need to weigh your own values, ethics, needs, and situation before choosing the right response.  Participants in the sit-ins of the Civil Rights era trained themselves to withstand physical violence (as well as verbal abuse) without retaliating in kind, for example, but true nonviolence may not be right for every person in every situation.

justiceThe American legal system provides some opportunities for recourse if, for example, someone steals your personal property or commits violence against you.  And here in Texas at least, trespassing could turn deadly if the property owner carries a firearm as a way to prevent physical boundary violations.

On a personal level, taking steps such as raising your voice and shouting for help or attempting to maneuver out of the grip of an assailant are examples of protecting your physical boundaries.  Prevention can also help.  Using caution when choosing potential dates, staying sober, keeping your car and cell phone in working condition, or avoiding high-risk parts of town are other ways to circumvent physical boundary violations.

Emotional Boundary Violation

The key to responding to emotional boundary violations is cultivating the awareness of your own emotional state so that you can discern when there has been some overlap, absorption, vampirism, or manipulation.  Having a regular meditation practice (as well as psychic shielding for empaths) helps to establish your personal set-point so that you will be aware when something feels off.  Practice sensing your own energy.  If you notice a discordant or unexplicable emotion arise, check in with yourself and ask, “Is this really mine?”  Your intuition will guide

Responding to an emotional boundary violation could be as simple as changing the channel instead of watching a fear-based news program.  It could be as complex as having a shamanic soul retrieval or a series of counseling or Reiki sessions to help address the underlying the effects of the violation.

Emotional boundary violations also call us to assess and re-assess the state of our relationships.  Sometimes the best response is simply to walk away or at least reorient yourself toward whatever relationship is creating duress.

Consciously working on generating soul qualities such as forgiveness and love can help soothe your own emotional body as well as that of the person who violated your boundaries.  Strengthening your field of light and your connection to Source may help “burn off” emotional residue and purify your aura as well.

Mental Boundary Violation

Using your voice is one of the best ways to respond to a mental boundary violation.  Often simply communicating that you find someone’s forceful or critical demeanor uninspiring can stop an otherwise violating dialogue.

Mental boundary violations also call us to assess and re-assess the state of our relationships to make sure we are including those we love and distancing ourselves from those who do not truly support our highest good.  Sometimes the best response is to end a harmful friendship rather than continue to put up with mental boundary violations.

Spiritual Boundary Violation

In the case of encountering an individual or organization that is attempting to dictate your spiritual beliefs or denying your spiritual path, sometimes the best response is to remove yourself from the situation.  Be careful to use discernment when interacting with new organizations and practices so that you avoid those that do not serve your highest good.  Some “nasties” are actually drawn to spiritual organizations and gatherings because they energetically know that’s where the yummy light is.  So, be aware that appearances can be deceiving; that Indian “yogi” may be a con artist, or the psychic healer may be working with some low-level helpers.

psychic attack aura reiki healing dallas richardson texasWith psychic attack, it is imperative to clean out your auric field and also uproot or heal the vulnerability that allowed the attack to begin with.  You can use tools like cord cutting (slices through subtle energy cords that drain us of energy), Reiki, a pendulum, ritual, or prayer to counteract a psychic attack.

Archangel Michael is especially equipped to remove cords and other psychic debris in our fields, and you can call on Archangel Raphael to come in and “heal and seal” your aura.  Often, individuals who were “feeding” off of your energy will call or otherwise attempt to re-establish that connection after you cut their cord. So, be cautious and use discernment when interacting with individuals that you sense might be connected to a psychic attack.  If you sense something’s off, you are probably right.

You may also consider using protective stones, such as black tourmaline, or visualizing all the attacker’s energy going into the earth to be transmuted.  Being mindful of your own energy maintenance, keeping your aura bright and clear, and staying grounded will be beneficial for preventing psychic attack in the first place.   It is  vital to continually establish your own energetic presence through visualization or shielding techniques until you feel comfortable and strong going out in the world without absorbing other’s junk and gunk.  I shield every day, and renew those shields if I am going into a potentially toxic environment.

Often entities who have not fully crossed over may become energy parasites that derive pleasure from using a human body to experience life.  In cases like this, the affected individual may find themselves wanting to drink, have sex, smoke, etc. simply because the entity is seeking that sensual pleasure through them.   These entities will play off our your weaknesses — whether it is a tendency to anger easily, worry, or be afraid — to convince you to do their bidding.

You will know you are being affected by such a spirit if you find yourself getting into arguments despite feeling like you don’t really want to be angry, or if you continually resonate with fear or worry.  You may also hear odd voices in your head that are different from your typical thoughts (and have negative content) or have nightmares.  It is essential to heal these risky emotional states so that these discarnate entities no longer have a foothold.

This is the final post in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.   Boundaries are especially useful for empathic energy healers and light workers.  Appropriate boundaries can prevent picking up other’s “stuff” and keep your aura clear.  What other methods have you found helpful for enforcing your own boundaries?

Boundaries & Healing, Part 4: Examples of Boundary Violations

We now understand the concept of boundaries from Part 1, and in Part 2, we completed a meditation to establish firm boundaries. Part 3 looked at how our emotions can indicate boundary violations. Today, we will explore examples of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundary violations.

Physical Boundary Violation

  • Violent action against another person
  • Trespassing
  • Stealing material goods or time
  • Harming another’s physical body or wellbeing

Emotional Boundary Violation

  • Emotional vampirism
  • Emotional incest
  • Neglect through emotional distance
  • Societal messages that generate fear or hatred
  • Empathically absorbing another’s emotional energy
  • Manipulating another’s feelings

Mental Boundary Violation

  • Idea, belief, or way of thinking forced onto another
  • Unduly criticizing another’s ideas or denying them the right to hold their own opinion
  • Telepathic snooping

Spiritual Boundary Violation

  • Dictating what to believe or denying another’s right to their own spiritual path
  • Condemning spiritual approaches
  • Psychic attack or parasitism

This post is part 4 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing. The final post will look at how to deal with boundary violation, including psychic attack.

Boundaries & Healing, Part 3: Boundary Violations

We now understand the concept of boundaries from Part 1, and in Part 2, we completed a meditation to establish firm boundaries.  Today we will look at boundary violations.  What is a boundary violation?  How can you recognize one?

ImageA boundary violation occurs any time an individual or entity fails to respect or disregards your boundaries.  Just like laws vary by country, boundaries vary by individual.  So, an action (like cussing) that violates one person’s boundary might be perfectly acceptable or even desired by another.  For this reason, it is important to practice humility and awareness when interacting with others.

Your emotional state will indicate if your boundary has been violated.  In Language of Emotions, Karla McLaren describes how our emotions clue us in to boundary invasion.  So-called “toxic” emotions, such as anger, guilt, or shame, often indicate a boundary violation.

“Creating a strong boundary around yourself and becoming aware of your personal proprioceptive territory can be difficult because the condition of our personal boundary is intimately connected to many of the supposedly troublesome emotions.  As a direct result, many of us don’t have a good connection to the boundary-restoring anger and shame that could help us revitalize our personal space….” (McLaren, “Language of Emotions,” 137.)

According to McLaren, anger indicates that your boundary is being invaded from the outside, and is a call to fortify your boundary.  When anger arises, she recommends that youImage ask what must be protected or restored. Guilt or authentic shame indicate that you are violating your boundaries internally (or harming yourself).  If you experience these emotions, ask who has been hurt?  What must be made right? By being self-aware, you can better understand your emotional cues and take action to end a boundary violation.

In addition, you might feel uncomfortable, ill-at-ease, or start questioning yourself or the situation.  Do thoughts about that one guy keep bothering you?  Did you feel queasy about something that happened at work?  These are signs that something is not right as far as your boundaries are concerned.

This post is part 3 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 4 will look at examples of boundary violations on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Until then, pay attention to your emotions.  Notice any anger, guilt, or shame and try to assess the boundary that has been violated.



Boundaries & Healing, Part 2: Establishing Boundaries

Part 1 of this series introduced the concept of boundaries, which help us to distinguish ourselves from others and declare what we are willing to allow into our lives.  Establishing effective boundaries helps us to stay safe when we are doing healing work.

Building and enforcing healthy boundaries is a long-term process and will not happen overnight.  As you uncover what you are no longer willing to experience, you will be challenged to behave in new ways and make different choices.

This visualization can help you to understand the current state of your boundaries and change your boundaries so that they truly support your highest good.  You can use this technique regularly as you are working on your boundaries to strengthen them.  Once you build firm boundaries internally, your external world will begin to reflect them back to you, and you will naturally feel safe and respected throughout your day.

tunnelbeach stairs1) Take a moment to center and breathe deeply, settling into your seat.  When you feel calm and clear, visualize a staircase in front of you.  Go down 11 steps until you reach a beach.  You are now in your subconscious mind.

boundary_full2) Walk to a smooth open space on the beach and imagine a circle forming in the sand around you.  Take a look at the circle and notice some details.  Does it fully surround you, or are there holes or gaps in the circle?  Is it symmetric, or are some parts of the line closer to you and others further away?  This circle represents your current boundaries.  If you would like, erase or re-draw the line so that it feels comfortable and right to you.  You might want to close up gaps or reform the circle so it is bigger or closer to your body.  You can also ask questions and get information about the gaps or shape if you would like to understand why it is that way.

beachcircle3) Are there any people, thoughts, objects, feelings, colors, or words inside the circle?  Look at each object that presents itself to you and check in with your gut.  Are you comfortable with this item in your sacred space?  If not, visualize yourself picking it up and placing it on the other side of the line.  Continue until you are pleased with everything inside the circle.  If there is something or someone stubborn inside your circle, you can call on your spirit guides or angels to help remove them.

4) Look outside the circle.  Are there any items, words, colors, people, or thoughts there?  Again look at each object and check in with your gut.  Do you want those items to remain outside the circle, or would you prefer that they be allowed into your sacred space?  Visualize yourself picking them up and moving them as seems appropriate.

5) Finally, retrace the circle into the sand and imagine that radiant blessings-222x308beams of light shoot from the sand up into the sky, completely surrounding you within your new boundary.  Feel safe and whole as you breathe in.  When you are ready, snap your fingers and watch the boundary become invisible.  You can trust that your new boundaries will remain with you as you go throughout your day.

6) Return to the staircase and count 11 steps back to your point of origin.  You are now back in your everyday reality.  You can return to this space and adjust your boundaries at any time.  If you think someone or something might be invading your boundaries, you can also return here to assess where they stand.

This post is part 2 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 3 will look at boundary violations.  Take notice of how you feel in the world once you have done this boundary visualization.  Do people treat you differently?  Do you attract different situations?  Were you surprised at all by what you saw?

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Boundaries & Healing, Part 1: What Are Boundaries?

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is pivotal for anyone doing healing work on themselves or others.  Many who are Imagedrawn to healing have big, generous hearts but find that others take advantage of their kindness.  Boundaries help us to distinguish ourselves from others and declare what energies we are willing to allow into our lives and which we refuse.  This allows us to stay safe and healthy so that we can actualize our mission to serve others.

Because we hold soul memories of oneness, it can seem odd to declare that we are separate from others or that we have particular needs.  But, lightworkers on this planet must learn to channel high frequency light in a way that honors the dense natural laws of the earth.  On earth, we work with time and material resources in the context of a cultural space that has its own structure and assumptions.  As much as we would like to see the world as being full of light and love, it can be a dangerous place, and it is naive to think that everyone has a pure intention.  We must guard our time, our physical resources, and our psychic space so that we can maximize our potential as healers.  Boundaries help us to do this.

Our boundaries function like a gatekeeper.  Ideally, the gatekeeper will allow in friendly energies and reject harmful energies.  But, many of us have adopted detrimental beliefs that undermine our sense of self and disempower us.  We may have grown accustomed to mistreatment or resigned ourselves to a life that is less than ideal due to these unconscious or subconscious failure patterns.  Because of this, our internal gatekeeper may allow harmful energies into our space and might also keep out beneficial ones!

But as we grow in self-awareness, we can begin to build boundaries that truly serve our highest good.  This post is part 1 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 2 will look at how we can establish effective boundaries.  In the meantime, consider what are your boundaries?  What experiences is your internal gatekeeper allowing into your life, and which is it rejecting?  Is this in alignment with your true needs and Spirit’s will for you?