Why Would a “Normal Person” See a Psychic?

Image Psychic.  For many the profession seems to be a half-step away from “psycho.”   The word conjures up images of crazy women with crystal balls waving their arms, fluttering their eyes, and delivering cryptic messages to susceptible clients.  For this reason, I hesitated to declare myself psychic publicly, even though my spirit guides insisted!

The truth is that we are all psychic, but developing your faculties takes effort for most people.  The series of Reiki attunements really activated my intuitive senses. I continue to hone these skills through study, practice, and training.  My intuitive connection has been invaluable to me as I walk my spiritual path with purpose, and the help I have received from other psychics has been equally useful.  So, if psychics aren’t just a freak sideshow, why would a “normal” person visit one?

Clarity on Your Spiritual Path

Good psychics connect to the loving source of all that is (whether you know it as God, Goddess, or the Grand Poobah) and your team of spirit guides and angels when they ask to receive guidance.  A reading can help you to gain clarity about your spiritual path and purpose on this planet that you might not be able to discern yourself.

Move Past Limiting Beliefs

Psychics can also get information that you might be blocking due to a limiting belief system or self-concept.  When I was wrapped up in graduate school, I was shocked to hear a psychic tell me I would enjoy developing my creativity.  That wasn’t on my course syllabus!  I would not have made creativity a priority in my life if I had not had this guidance because I did not see myself in that way.  But creating art has been deeply healing for me.  Sometimes you just need an unbiased opinion…

See Through Emotional Storms

Sometimes life events cause emotional turmoil that knocks us off our feet.  In moments like these, it feels impossible to discern the wisest way to get out of a debacle.   We might be so caught up in a crush that we can’t see straight about how the relationship fits into the larger picture of our lives.   Or a fight with our boss leaves us feeling vulnerable and scared about our career. When your emotions are strong, it is more difficult to see clearly, and so you might make rash decisions.  A psychic gives the gift of nonattached, informed counsel that can help you move through your emotional storms while staying on your highest path.

Fun, Self-Exploration, and Healing

Truth be told, receiving a psychic reading is fun!  Even professional psychics love to receive them.  I am always surprised by the messages that come through and really enjoy learning more about myself.  A psychic can really help you see a situation from a new angle that you might not have seen yourself.  Plus, the energy generated during a good psychic reading is actually deeply healing, so you’ll walk away feeling more calm and empowered.

There are some weirdos out there (in every profession), but not all psychics are psycho. 🙂  Nor do you have to be crazy to check one out.  If you feel inclined to receive a reading, say a prayer asking to be guided to the right intuitive reader for you and trust what unfolds.  Your spirit guides will send you to the right place, and your path will be all the brighter!

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