Manifest Money Using Reiki

Our true career on earth is the pursuit of enlightenment, and the divine loving force that created the universe provides our paycheck.  Even when we receive money from a human boss or client, it is important to remember that God is acting through these people to provide us our pay.  Image

Because we are lovingly supported by this divine force, we can surrender fears about job security and financial lack and choose instead to embrace the natural, ever-present abundance that is all around us.  We truly receive everything that we need when we need it, and often in mystical ways.

I am sure some readers are noticing that they cannot believe what I just wrote.  The exact thoughts and feelings that arose can point you in the direction of healing so that you are able to receive the abundance and blessings of the universe. 

Here are some tricks to develop the ability to manifest money for all your earthly needs.  Once you begin consciously manifesting financial abundance, look for it to appear in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we can get the essence of what we want or need without using cash at all!


Reiki is a divine loving consciousness that can help us to heal any blocks that prevent us from living a financially prosperous life.  Once you are attuned to Reiki, you can harness the power of this energy to bring blessings to your money situation.

Reiki Healing Box

Create a special magical box for your intentions and charge it with Reiki each day.  Be sure to be clear about your needs.  Let the universe know the amount of money you’d like as well as when you would like to receive it.  Write these desires on slips of paper, draw the Reiki II symbols on the slips, and place them in your box.  Hold the box in your hands and feel the Reiki flow.  Sit with a sense of knowing your desires are yours.  Reiki always works for the highest good, so be open to receiving the equivalent or better of what you have wished for.  You’ll be amazed to look back and see how every intention was realized, often in unexpected ways.

Reiki Candle

Grab a candle (I especially love the tall glass ones, available for cheap from the dollar store or grocery store) and hold it in your hands.  A green candle, if you have one, symbolizes money specifically, though any color can do.  Intend that Reiki flow powerfully through your hands to charge the candle.  Ask that the Reiki bless and heal any resistance you have to receiving money Imageand that it magnetize financial abundance to you.  Once the Reiki stops flowing, burn the candle and know that Reiki is healing your money situation.  It can be especially interesting to draw the chakras on the candle and see how your experience mirrors the chakra on the part of the candle that is currently burning.  Know that your Reiki guides and angels will lead you to the exact resources you need when you need them.

Reiki Symbols

If you have received your Reiki II attunement, you can use the power symbol to enhance your finances.  Draw the symbol over your money and intend that your wealth grow.  Write the symbol on all checks you receive or write with the intention that your abundance will expand. 

Use the distance healing symbol to send Reiki into the past to heal any blocks or obstructions that have hurt you financially.  Or send distance Reiki into the future–the day your rent is due, for example–and intend that all the money you need is there.

The mental/emotional symbol can help resolve outdated beliefs that restrict your ability to receive the abundance of the universe.  Send this symbol to any sense of unworthiness, beliefs about your lack of value, or to resolve scarcity consciousness.

Reiki Crystal

Grab a quartz crystal point that can stand up on its own.  Use your Reiki to clear the crystal and then intend that your Reiki charge the crystal so that it continually radiates to draw money to you.  The distance symbol and power symbol can amplify your intention.  Ask that the crystal gently clear any restrictive beliefs and magnetize prosperity to you.  Set it up in a special place and know that it is continually attracting wealth to you.

I hope these tips help you to manifest money and other blessings with Reiki.  Please share any stories you have about how you used Reiki to successfully manifest!




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