What Reiki Does (and Does Not) Do

Over the past seven years, I have experimented with Reiki and learned a lot about what this healing energy does and does not do.  Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that Reiki does:

  • Lower blood pressure – I practice Reiki every day, and my doctor’s office was astonished at my low blood pressure.  Apparently this is rare!  A scientific study of Reiki has confirmed this effect.
  • Make life more pleasant – When I used the distance healing symbol to send Reiki to an upcoming job interview, I could immediately feel the special presence of the divine energy when I set foot on the campus, and even though I did not get the job, it was one of the best interviews I’ve had!  Reiki blesses practitioners with blissful mind states and an ever-present joy that you carry with you at all times.  It can even enhance colors and make nature look more beautiful.  Other people feel my energy field as well and say they feel more peaceful and calm around me (even if I feel differently within myself!).
  • Help with pain – When I have menstrual cramps, 10 minutes of Reiki helps relieve the pain.  I’ve seen headaches vanish or other physical pains go away after a quick Reiki treatment.  When I sent distance Reiki to a dental appointment, I did not need pain medication even though I had major work done.  Reiki has also helped me address emotional, mental, and spiritual causes of my arthritis pain.  I have seen pain vanish after I realize the emotional root and offer positive affirmations.Image
  • Heal animals – I offered Reiki to a cat that was not eating or drinking.  I dialogued with the animal and asked it what kind of treatment it needed.  It gave me a clear idea of the proper diet and told me it wanted to see the vet.  I could tell the animal needed more Reiki than I had time for, so I gave the owner a Reiki-charged candle to burn.  Once the candle burned down, the cat had returned to eating and drinking, and the owner was very happy.
  • Manifest the highest good – Reiki has helped me find housing, jobs, clients, opportunities, resources, and more.  Sometimes Reiki brings me something better than I would have ever imagined (like when I had a stint in a kirtan band in Albuquerque).
  • Open up psychic abilities – I did not have a clue about intuition or our natural psychic powers before my Reiki attunement.  Now I am constantly amazed at new skills and perceptions that open up.
  • Bless and cleanse a space – I can physically feel the difference when I walk into a home that has been blessed with Reiki, and others pick up on it as well.  Reiki creates a really peaceful, soothing sensation and can cleanse spaces.
  • Empower food – When I use Reiki symbols in the food I cook, I can literally see that the vital life force has been enhanced.  I’ve also seen a pendulum used to show how food vitality increases after Reiki treatment.  People really love my Reiki salads!

Although Reiki is powerful, i have discovered there are some things Reiki does not do:

  • Prevent death – Several animals I have treated with Reiki crossed over after the treatment. Image One dog even told me it wanted to go to the vet, knowing that meant it would be put to sleep.  I’ve also had Reiki-charged plants die.
  • Prevent illness and disability – Unfortunately, I developed rheumatoid arthritis several years after my Reiki attunement.  Of course, I can see RA as a healing presence if I am in the right mindset, but still, being attuned to Reiki did not prevent disease from entering my life, nor did it prevent physical disability and joint deformity in my case.
  • Cause harm – Reiki never causes harm.  The outcome of using Reiki may be different than what you’d expect, but the energy itself is pure love.
  • Consistently create instantaneous miracles – I’ve heard others have experienced miracles with Reiki, but I have not seen any healings of biblical proportions myself.
  • Always do what you think it will – When a friend and I had car problems on a road trip, I started sending Reiki to the vehicle.  As soon as the Reiki began flowing, the car started sounding worse!  Eventually an entire part of the car fell off, and it drove better.  That was definitely not the result I was expecting.  I also sent Reiki to a family member’s surgery, and she experienced a mishap during the event.  I thought Reiki would not allow such a thing, but it did for whatever reason.  Still, she was lucky that a specialist was right next door who could correct the error.
  • Help others if they are not willing to receive – Some people do not want to be healed of whatever ailment they are experiencing, and Reiki will not change that.  We all have free will, and sometimes disease serves a purpose in the life of an individual.

Reiki is a really great energy and healing modality, but it does not always operate in a predictable way.  What has Reiki done — or not done — for you?

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