Healing with Reiki Drumming

Reiki can enhance the healing power of any instrument or musical performance.  I have used it frequently to empower my percussion performances so that the audience experiences states like bliss, joy, and love.

ImageI was at a festival when I first realized that I might have what is called the bard gift: “the ability to utilize, increase, and return the energy of an audience such that their emotional states are altered to what the Bard is sending. In a strong Gift, the audience will see visions of the subject matter of the song or instrumental piece.”

Dozens of people were sitting around a fire and drumming in a drum circle.  I decided to hold an intention for the group and see how the drumming changed.  When I thought “Happiness,” the rhythm and energy became joyful.  If I thought, “Frantic,” we sped up.  As a sort of joke, I thought “Orgasmic,” and the drums continued for a second, then everyone stopped playing at the same time, as if they had just had some type of catharsis.

Later, when I was attuned to Reiki, I decided to send distance Reiki to every performance and intend that Reiki flow powerfully through me to bless and heal the audience in the way that served the highest good.  I would also mentally call on the four directions and Great Spirit to be present and create sacred space for the performance.

I quickly realized that when I did this, I could feel the crowd’s energy in my body.  I knew instinctively to play the drum (or actually, inImage this case, metal bowl) until the energy felt good, joyful, and light in myself.  Every environment was slightly different, but people always felt something special about my performance.  One friend who is clairvoyant said she could see rainbow beams of light emanating from my bowl.  I also made sure to use the distance symbol to offer the energy generated from the performance to the Reiki world peace grid so that through our enjoyment, we were helping to heal the planet.

You receive the connection to the healing symbols, like the distance symbol, power symbol, and mental/emotional healing symbol, through a Reiki II attunement, which I offer in the Dallas area.  These symbols greatly enhance musical magick!

The one time I had some trouble raising the energy was when almost everyone seemed really wasted.  Try as I might, I could not get the energy anywhere near bliss.  I had to settle with contentment. 🙂

I am also amazed at the difference in my skill when I use the power symbol to charge my drum before I play.  I just trace it on top of the drum head and let myself go.  The music is always better when I do this, as if some etheric drum teachers are helping me play beyond my true ability.

So, try using Reiki and sacred intention to empower your own musical performances!  It is fascinating to see how it works.  If you play a woodwind, you could trace Reiki symbols on your palette with your tongue, then imagine you are sending Reiki out with each breath.  For string instruments, charge the strings, the bow or pick, and your case.  Draw Reiki symbols on the keyboard of your piano.  The possibilities are endless!

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