Reiki Therapy Helps Anxiety & Depression Dallas-Fort Worth

When we experience symptoms of anxiety and depression, it is a sign that our vital life anxietyforce energy, or ki, is out of balance.  Ki nourishes all of our organs and must flow properly through our chakras (energy centers) for us to experience optimal mental health.

While there are many options for treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it is essential that you address the energetic root cause for true healing.

Reiki is a  powerful healing energy that is administered by touch. It flows wherever it is needed to restore well-being and feels like being bathed in a soothing, comforting warmth.

Reiki can help reduce or resolve anxiety and depression by:

  1. Healing Ki Imbalances Caused By Negative Thoughts and Feelings
    • Toxic thinking disrupts the natural flow of vital life force throughout our body system. Chronic negative emotions also deplete our energy.
    • Reiki is a divinely guided spiritual energy that restores balance in your system.
  2. Providing Spiritual Connection and Clarity on Your Path
    • Often, chronic anxiety or depression is a clue from your spiritual self that you are not in alignment with your true mission on the planet. You may feel separated from the loving source of all that is, and this can feel disconcerting and confusing.
    • Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch incorporates spiritual guidance into your Reiki therapy session. By connecting with your angels and enlightened spirit guides, she can help you to gain clarity about your path and your unique purpose on the planet. This in turn can help alleviate the cause of recurring depression or anxiety.
  3. Restoring Your Energy Field and Removing Harmful Energy Attachments
    • Harmful or malicious energy attachments can infiltrate your aura and wreak havoc on your thoughts, emotions, and even actions. Energy parasites feed off of low vibrational emotional states and will do anything to encourage you to stay there.
    • Reiki helps release these attachments so that you can think and feel for yourself. It also revitalizes and boosts your auric field so that you are less vulnerable to future attachments.
  4. Providing Relaxation and Stress Relief
    •  It is difficult to cope with the daily challenge of depression or anxiety without stepping away from your everyday stressors.
    • Reiki is a loving energy that creates an intense feeling of calm, peace, and relaxation during your session.  After deep relaxation, you have more energy resources that you can use to deal with depression or anxiety.
  5. Treating Any Physical, Emotional, Mental, Or Spiritual Root Cause
    •  Often, depression or anxiety is a signal that you have experienced some sort of trauma that has not fully healed. These emotions may be a cry from your inner child asking you to resolve an old emotional wound. Even difficulties from past lives can carry over into your current incarnation.
    • Reiki flows where it is needed in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Because it works over a distance and throughout space and time, it can go into past events to bring healing to old traumas.
  6. Giving You Tools To Handle Empathy
    • Many clients suffer from depression or anxiety because they have absorbed these emotional states from others. They often do not know that they are empathic healers who are highly sensitive.
    • Receiving Reiki will fill in any gaps in your energy system and clear out intrusive or absorbed energies so you are less likely to pick them up in the future.  A Reiki attunement activates your healing hands and aligns you with the path of a planetary healer.  Practicing Reiki on yourself can help you learn how to work with your natural empathy and protect your energy when required.

depressionI personally suffered from depression and anxiety for the majority of my life. I was so emotionally numb, I did not even realize that I was carrying so much pain until I got to college. I had no idea how to handle it. All I knew was that I wanted to avoid psychotropic medicines and seek sustainable, natural solutions. This post is based off of my personal experience.  I felt hopeless and suicidal at times, but my depression has finally lifted thanks to practicing Reiki and meditation.

I would like to encourage anyone who is suffering from depression or anxiety to seek Reiki therapy for your energy body in addition to any other form of therapy that you find beneficial. Many issues can be easily resolved by treating the root cause in the energy field, and you can open to experience all the joy that life has to offer!

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