Energy Hygiene for Empaths

face-1247955_960_720Do you find yourself taking on the energies of others or feeling drained?  You might be a sensitive empathic healer. This gift allows us to be aware of how others are feeling so that we can offer compassion and healing, but our sensitivity can drag us down if we are not aware of how to protect and direct our own energy.

This 1-on-1 training will teach you energy hygiene techniques so that you can retain your own energy while still using your gift of empathy to serve humanity.  In a 2-hour session, we will explore empathy and energy hygiene through discussion, meditation, visualization, and physical practices.  You will also receive Reiki to help release discordant energy and restore your aura.

5064413d1d499c5952fba47849c9c211You will learn:

  • What is empathy?
  • How (and why) to ground your energy
  • A powerful shielding meditation you can use daily for psychic protection
  • The state of your personal auric field
  • How to cut cords and attachments
  • How to clear your aura
  • The power of visualization and imagination
  • Techniques to psychically clear your energy field
  • Tips for extra protection, including crystals and physical practices


This is a 2-hour session ($350 total).  You will receive handouts and a personal Reiki treatment.

Please book your first session today, and we will schedule the remaining three at our first meeting! You can book sessions at your convenience, though you can only take one session per week.





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