Manifestation Bootcamp


Learn to easily and joyfully manifest your desires in a way that serves the highest good in this two-part bootcamp series.  Each session will harness the natural energies of the moon cycles to empower our intentions, so we will meet once near the new moon and once near the full moon for our training.

In addition to receiving teachings and practices, you will receive a powerful healing 8fbcf7f0c1abeb87afe0c5fddae76840attunement that will help you release any blocks to your successful manifestation.

You will learn:

  • The power of intention
  • How to phrase your manifestations
  • Tips for getting positive manifestations
  • Trust and faith in your intuition and spiritual support
  • How to use your emotions to help you manifest
  • How to transform thoughts and beliefs to support your manifestation
  • What your soul yearns for you to manifest
  • The power of gratitude

You will also experience:

  • Powerful healing attunement to help release blocks
  • Guided “Manifest a Miracle” meditation
  • Creating a personal vision board (materials included)

This course follows the moon cycles and is available on the following dates for 2016:

 Wednesday, Aug. 3   Sunday, Aug. 21 or Wednesday, Aug. 24
  Sunday, Sept. 4 or Wednesday, Aug. 31   Sunday, Sept. 18 or Wednesday, Sept. 14
  Sunday, Sept. 28 or Wednesday, Oct. 2   Sunday, Oct. 16 or Wednesday, Oct. 19
  Sunday, Oct. 30 or Wednesday, Nov. 2   Sunday, Nov. 13 or Wednesday, Nov. 16
  Sunday, Nov. 27 or Wednesday, Nov. 30   Sunday, Dec. 11 or Wednesday, Dec. 14

This is a 2-part series, and each 1-on-1 session will be two hours long. Your first session is $150, and then $100 for the remaining one (or $250 total).

Please book your first session today, and we will schedule the remaining session at our first meeting!




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