The # 1 Challenge Blocking Your Psychic Powers: How To Trust Your Intuition

So many of my clients want to know, “Am I psychic?” Most of them have experienced flow, coincidence, and synchronicity when they have followed their intuition, but many also have fears or blocks when it comes to trusting their gut intuition.

If you are interested in developing your psychic powers quickly, it is key to overcome the number 1 challenge blocking your psychic powers. In this short video, I explain an easy technique that will help you to strengthen your intuition.

What is the number 1 challenge blocking your psychic powers? It is simply the voice of the ego.

The ego is a critical voice that may say things like, “You are just making that up,” or, “You don’t know what you are doing,” whenever you attempt to access your intuition.  Your actual gut intuition is the first thought, feeling, knowing, or sensation that comeditation-1384758_960_720mes to you after you make an inquiry to your spirit guides or your inner knowing.

It is easy to overcome this block and begin to unlock your psychic powers and develop psychic abilities fast.

First, learn to recognize the voice of the ego and do your best to ignore or negate it. Your intuition will be your first impression––whatever image, feeling, thought, or sensation comes to you––after you make a request for spiritual guidance or intuitive information.

Next, keep a journal with all of the intuitive impressions you receive whenever you attempt to access spiritual guidance or your inner knowing. Over time, you will be able to look back and see the wisdom in the messages you are receiving. This will help you to trust the still voice within in the future so that you can unlock your psychic powers and access your inner knowing to help guide you on your path in life.

Interested in developing your psychic abilities?  Dallas Reiki Master-Teacher and Clairvoyant Medium Jessica Hitch offers 1-on-1 psychic training classes by appointment.


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