Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally with Reiki Energy Healing


Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

How do you treat rheumatoid arthritis naturally with Reiki energy healing?  Reiki can reduce pain and treat the root cause of whatever imbalance has caused your rheumatoid arthritis.  I have experienced great pain relief and improved ability thanks to using Reiki as a rheumatoid arthritis natural treatment.1268312_10202901137112760_1495725038_o

Unfortunately, I’m speaking about this from experience.   In 2012, I was debilitated by rheumatoid arthritis as well as Lyme disease. I still do have joint pain and deformities, but I have found with Reiki I have been able to reduce my pain and recover a lot of abilities––literally.

I used to be in a wheelchair, bedridden, in pain from head to toe. I needed people to help bring water to my face, and now I can walk around. I can do my daily activities.

I may still experience flares here and there, but I have found that I have been able to live with rheumatoid arthritis using just Reiki and herbs and lifestyle choices. And in fact, I’m feeling better than ever, and it feels like I will continue to improve.

What Is Reiki?

So,  you might be wondering what is Reiki?  It is a form of Eastern medicine, and it works on imbalances in our qi, or vital life force energy, that we are all born with.  When you experience mental, phya5657e93de9e3334beee010df2c21951sical, emotional, or spiritual disruption, the root cause is always in the energy. Reiki is a form of energy medicine that flows through me as a practitioner into the client, and it is used to balance their energy so that later, health can come.

I’ve gotten really sensitive by practicing Reiki. I can actually scan someone and feel where there is discord in their energy field. It feels like tingling in my hands. I can feel that after I am done with the Reiki treatment, the energy feels better.


At one point, I was walking with a cane into my Reiki class and in a lot of pain, and when they scanned,  they said, “You feel really healthy energetically.” I thought I didn’t feel healthy at all, but within 2 weeks, my physical well-being had improved. They had sensed the improvement in my energy before it took physical form.  So, Reiki works on the energy first, and everything else follows.

I know a lot of time getting a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis feels hopeless. I’ve been told many times to get back in a wheelchair, not to walk, not to go hiking, that I can expect to get worse, that what I’m doing will not help me, that I need to be on methotrexate––which I muscle tested, and my body indicated that medicine weakened it, plus I hated the side effects. So I’ve been following my body and letting the energy heal me deeply.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain Relief

Reiki is something that flows out of your hands, that you can actually give yourself. I have found when I get a joint pain, I invite the Reiki to flow, and I just put my hands on yoga-422761_960_720the place where the pain is, and very quickly a lovely soothing energy starts to flow.  Honestly, I’ve been doing Reiki on myself and others for about 10 years, but it still amazes me that often my physical pain goes away after just a few moments of giving myself healing.

So for anyone who lives with chronic pain, Reiki is such a powerful thing to have.  It gives you the ability to access pain relief from your own hands at any time. So I recommend if you have rheumatoid arthritis that you try a Reiki session, and if you like the way you feel and you like the experience, consider taking a Reiki class and getting attuned.

When you are attuned, you can channel the healing for yourself every day, whenever or wherever you are.  And it doesn’t have to be joint pain. If you have cramps or a headache or any number of ailments, the Reiki can bring relief. It is very easy to put your hands on yourself and invite this powerful energy to flow through you. It is really amazing.

I have 0f6a79e2a264e738c69743936ad3f592seen headaches vanish and joint pains vanish after minutes of Reiki. It gets to the root cause, and so the more you do it, the more layers heal themselves that are actually part of the causes contributing to your disease, which is a misalignment to begin with.

So by practicing on myself, in the beginning, I couldn’t even move my hands to different parts of my body, so I put my hands on my heart and let Reiki go wherever it was needed. I let it flow, and I was able to perceive and learn that my emotions––some of them had been trapped from old traumas, and those have played a role with RA.

So I’ve learned when I have joint pains to check in and see what emotion is there. I’ve learned a lot about my mentality supporting the disease and I can see how lifestyle also causes flares and things like that.

I’ve also seen how spiritual factors come into play. Sometimes I’ve gotten flares or increased pain when I’m around people whose energy was incompatible with mine. I am very empathic and sensitive, so I have learned  to shield myself and take care of myself energetically to really thrive.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis with Reiki

Of course, the Reiki has helped me feel better physically as well, and like I mentioned, now, I am walking and I haven’t needed a wheelchair in a while, other than one flare where I had to use a cart from Walmart. So it’s been amazing.bless-you-1136219_1280

I know for me as a rheumatoid arthritis patient, it is very upsetting because it feels like doctors hardly look at me. Most of them don’t care about my emotions or my diet, even though I have seen in myself by testing over and over different foods that some things definitely trigger me and some things seem to be fine.

So it has been a little bit confusing, and at times it is extremely disheartening because these professionals are people who are trusted and respected and given a lot of power, but I have been guided by prayer to pursue natural treatments, and I am really getting into my own body. I’m very interested in healing the true root cause, and I am so lucky to have received my Reiki attunement so that I can give Reiki healing energy to myself.

Also consider that if you get an attunement, it gives you another form of income, because even if you are in pain and even if you’re suffering greatly,  you can still help others. So a lot of times with rheumatoid arthritis it might be hard to have a steady job. You need breaks and you need to relax, so consider that getting Reiki training could actually give you a new career you might not have considered, and you will be able to adapt to meet your new needs and your new body that functions a little different from the way most people’s do.

wellness-955796_1280Those are just some thoughts on Reiki and rheumatoid arthritis. I hope anyone out there as suffering from RA finds relief and is able to heal, because I know it is extremely debilitating.

Please remember there is hope out there. Your body knows how to heal. The very wise inner healer within you will talk to you if you just ask. You do not need to accept the doom and gloom others tell you. Have faith. Do your research, follow your heart, and trust your own instincts and you will find your way to healing.

2 thoughts on “Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally with Reiki Energy Healing

  1. I’ve had bad big toe it wouldn’t bend for 5 years it had put all my body out of line so I booked a steroid injection for my big toe I had been to podiatrist he put things in my shoes it didn’t help , I then went to my oesteopath and he said your toe not bending has caused plantar fascia thus the pain to walk , my heels and calcanus was tssooo painful , 3 rd visit to my master reiki lady (I went for fibromyalgia and the aches have gone ) I told her about my toe she worked on it and blow me down I can walk normal and so all my other ailments are going because I am walking normal ,I’m over the moon and have booked in for level one reiki course – so I believe it is an amazing thing .

    • Reiki truly is amazing. This loving healing energy flows just where it is needed to correct imbalances in our life force, or ki. It helps the body heal by relaxing it so it can heal itself! I have witnessed countless miracles with Reiki and am glad you have, too!

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