How to Talk to Dead Loved Ones

medium-1726601_960_720You can easily talk to your dead loved ones using simple techniques that help you to establish and sense a heartfelt connection with deceased ancestors or friends.  While many of my clients have fears or skepticism about their ability to receive messages from dead loved ones, it is actually easy and natural to communicate with our ancestors even when they are no longer on earth.  Anyone can do it.  You do not need special abilities or training.

autumn-21498_960_720It is especially easy to communicate with dead loved ones during the time around Halloween.  This is a magickal time when the veil between the worlds is thin, so it is easy to send and receive telepathic messages to people who are not in physical form.  We use our psychic and intuitive abilities to receive and transmit messages to individuals who are in spirit.  We can also talk out loud to them, send them our thoughts, or write messages on paper.

This Sounds Crazy…  I Can Talk to the Dead?

I know it sounds crazy, but anyone can talk to the dead.  Humans have been doing it since the beginning of time.  Our modern culture tries to deny or even villify our natural intuitive, psychic, and spiritual abilities, but they are still available to us to access.  It just takes openness and a certain amount of practice.

Meditation can help you to still your mind so that you are open to receive communication from spirit.  It can also help you be more sensitive to subtle ways dead loved ones communicate.  My practice of mindful sitting and mindful walking has helped me to open up more of my intuitive gifts.

How is it possible we can talk to our dead loved ones?  Even though every form on earth changes over time, nothing ever truly vanishes.  When something dies, it does not cease to exist, but rather changes form.  The earth cycles continuously through processes that we perceive as birth/creation, growth, death, and decay/transformation.

woodland-669737_960_720Birth and death are two ends of a tunnel into other dimensions.  When we are born, we make passage through this tunnel into physical life on earth.  When we die, we make passage through this tunnel into spiritual life of oneness, and we are still connected to earth through a shared spiritual reality.

When a loved one dies, their spirit leaves the physical form, and their body decomposes and becomes soil.  That soil nourishes plant life, which creates oxygen and nurtures an ecosystem.  This helps humans to breathe and live in contentment on the planet.  In this way, our ancestors are alive in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we walk on.  In this way, every human that ever was and ever will be is linked as one human be-ing expressing in different forms throughout time.

Communicating with Dead Loved Ones

As a Reiki master teacher and clairvoyant psychic medium, I did not seek out my ability to connect with the dead.  Rather, I began to see mental images of my dead loved ones while I was doing Reiki energy healing sessions with clients.  I realized the images indicated which of my client’s relatives were present.  If I “saw” my maternal grandmother, it meant their maternal grandmother was there.

These spirits began asking me to pass on messages to my clients.  I soon discovered the messages were accurate and deeply healing.  Many times, I have seen headaches vanish once I delivered a message from a dead loved one that set my client at ease.  The headache was simply the dead family member trying to get their loved one’s attention.

Now I know it is extremely simple to connect with our dead loved ones.  Heck, we could connect with our dead hated ones, too, if we wanted!  After death, a soul’s spirit is still alive and well, though their form has changed.


Have you ever received a message from a dead loved one?  If you think you have, you are probably right.  Don’t discount your thoughts and perceptions, no matter how odd or crazy your experience might have felt.  Our dead loved ones really do work hard to get our attention.  I have heard of various forms of spirit communication, including:

  • Objects moving in the home
  • A sense of a spiritual presence nearby
  • Hearing a meaningful song
  • Smelling a scent associated with the dead loved one
  • Speaking through natural sounds, like cicadas or thunder
  • Feathers and coins left on your path
  • Birds and other animals acting as messengers
  • Seeing a spiritual form or clairvoyant mental image of the dead loved one
  • Dead loved one appearing in dreams
  • Sending messages through other living people

Communicating with the Dead through Dreams

Most of my clients receive spirit communications during dredigital-art-399834_960_720amtime or when they are falling asleep or waking up.  This is because our mind is free from any blocks we may hold to our psychic abilities and very open to spiritual energies when we are dreaming or entering/exiting the sleep state.  We can suspend our logical, rational mind and allow our intuitive, feeling mind to take over for a while.  This lets us open to new ways of sensing and perceiving the world.

The message can be big or small.  Sometimes our dead loved ones just want to get our attention so we will try to talk to them.  If you seek them out and invite the communication, it will get stronger.

How Can You Talk to Your Dead Loved Ones?

You do not always need to be formal about communicating with your dead loved ones, but when you are just beginning, it can help to set up a special space to connect.  Find a private place in your home where you can light a candle and place a photo of anyone you would like to chat with.  You can also write their name or simply hold the intention that any ancestor who loves you step forward.

To begin, use these steps:

  1. Intention Is Key – Set the Intention to Connect
    1. Be specific: “I would like to connect with Aunt Madrid” or “I would like to connect with my deceased son” or “I am open to any messages from dead loved ones now.”
    2. Ask that only loving souls that want the best for you be allowed into your space.
  2. Set Sacred Space – Light a Candle, Burn Incense, Play Music
    1. This can set the tone and help you to be receptive to spirit messages
    2. You can also do a brief energy shielding visualization or burn sage to purify the space and keep it high vibration
  3. Open Your Heart and Mind – Sit for a Moment in Meditation
    1. Focus on your breath and see what arises within
    2. If thoughts arise, return to your breath and focus within
  4. Trust What Comes and Your Impressions – You May Feel, See, Sense, or Know Your Loved One is There
    1. The first sensation is the spiritual message; the mind chatter telling you that you are “making it up” or “crazy” is your ego.  See #1 Challenge Blocking Your Psychic Powers: How to Trust Your Intuition.
    2. Be open that the communication may be different than you expect; try to receive what comes with an open mind
    3. Consider taking notes.  You may be in an altered state of consciousness and forget what seems obvious at the time.
  5. Ask Questions and Receive Answers – Talk or Write to Loved One
    1. You can speak out loud or simply think any questions you have, then wait and see/feel/know their response.
    2. You can also write them a letter and then write their response back using automatic writing.
  6. Make Requests & Offer Gratitude
    1. Consider making requests for confirmation or signs that you are truly communicating with your dead loved one.
    2. Offer them gratitude and let them know you love them.
  7. Consider Building candles-1645551_960_720an Ancestral Altar
    1. You might enjoy creating an altar that honors your ancestors.  You can light a candle here and keep photographs that help you remember your dead loved ones.
    2. This will hold space for your psychic work and help you transition between the worlds.
  8. Pay Attention at All Times
    1. You may not get all your communication at once.  Be aware as you go about your daily activities that your dead loved ones might reach out.



Give it a try and see if you feel connected to your dead loved one!  Please post any cool experiences you’d like to share in the comments.

Dallas-Fort Worth Reiki master teacher and clairvoyant psychic medium Jessica Hitch also offers mediumship readings, if you’d rather get a third party to connect.  You can learn more here.



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