How to Manifest Money Easily and Quickly

ganesha-2496371_960_720The goddess Lakshmi is a Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity.  She is shown above next to Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

Any time I have concerns about money, I try this process to manifest money easily and quickly:

  1. Stop any worry, fear-based, or lack thoughts about money, prosperity, or abundance as soon as I notice myself having them.
  2. Do a Lakshmi mantra instead.  I simply chant out loud or think, Om hrim maha lakshmiye namaha.  For those who are unfamiliar with mantra, there are plenty you can listen to on YouTube.  You can find a version you like.  I like this one:  Simply play it in the background to help generate more wealth and abundance of all sorts in your life!

So, I know this sounds a bit crazy.  I honestly don’t know why or how it works.  After my spiritual awakening, I have had many inexplicable manifestation experiences by doing simple practices like this.  I think it is like a prayer, and what Lakshmi brings are true money miracles–and even more!  She teaches abundance is more than just money!

Still, finding money from Lakshmi after I did a mantra (prayer) has renewed my faith in a higher power more than any church sermon I’ve ever heard!


Success Stories:

  • I was worrying about running out of gas money.  I imagined I’d need $5.  Instead of worrying, I did a Lakshmi mantra.  When I arrived at my destination, I saw $5 waiting for me in the parking lot.
  • I had to park far away and was feeling upset…  Until I found $100 bill on my path.  Thank you, Lakshmi!
  • I had two bills to pay and couldn’t afford them both.  Instead of worrying or taking action, I prayed to Lakshmi with a mantra.  That night, I found $200, the exact amount I needed, when it fell at my feet as I was walking around downtown.
  • I needed additional income and prayed for a miracle.  That day my friend texted me about an amazing job, and I got it!  It is better than anything I could have imagined, and the opportunity came right to me, without me wasting time applying to unsuitable positions.  Thank you again, Lakshmi!

I’ve heard of saints who can manifest money from thin air, as it is immaterial energy and they are spiritual masters who can perform what many would perceive as impossible miracles.

Heck, I’ve experienced miracles myself thanks to Reiki — women becoming pregnant after many failed attempts, my own ability to walk again after disability, headaches removed with five minutes of treatment, and chronic illnesses vanish as issues are addressed holistically and over time….

Why worry?  The universe truly loves us and prospers us, and Goddess Lakshmi is the embodiment of that love.




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