Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Using Reiki Natural Healing for PTSD and Mental-Emotional Issues like Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, & Anxiety

It is possible to use Reiki natural healing to help resolve mental and emotional damage after experiencing domestic abuse.  October is Domestic Violeviolence-against-women-1169348__480nce Awareness Month, and this is part of a series on using natural healing for recovery from abuse. 

If you currently suspect or know you are experiencing abuse, you can chat with an advisor here and learn how to develop a safety plan.  Leaving abuse brings freedom and requires courage and strength that often feels incredibly lacking due to the deleterious effects of physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, and spiritual abuse.

According to the U.S. Justice Department Office of Violence against Women:

Domestic violence is a serious violent crime that includes both physical and emotional abuse. It is frequently hidden from public view. Many victims suffer in silence, afraid to seek help or not knowing where to turn. The traumatic effects of domestic violence also extend beyond the abused person, impacting family members and communities. Children often witness the violence or become victims themselves. Stalking is a common and very dangerous tactic used by perpetrators of domestic violence, and can pose challenges for victims seeking help.

tears-4551435__480Domestic violence affects all people — men, women, transgendered, elderly, adult, or child — worldwide.  According to National Coalition against Domestic Violence statistics, “1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe intimate partner physical violence, intimate partner contact sexual violence, and/or intimate partner stalking with impacts such as injury, fearfulness, post-traumatic stress disorder, use of victim services, contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, etc.“2

As a survivor of intimate partner violence and a Reiki master-teacher, I have used my healing power of touch to help resolve and release the terrible effects of being in an abusive relationship.  I can attest that healing from abuse is a tremendously challenging task.  Reiki offers several tools that I will cover in this series.

Mental-Emotional Healing

According to Healthline, victims of abuse may experience emotions such as: confusion, fear, hopelessness, and shame.  They may also have: difficulty concentrating, moodiness, muscle tension, nightmares, a racing heartache, and aches and pains.  Long-term effects include: anxiety, chronic pain, guilt, insomnia, and social withdrawal or loneliness.

Author Ann Pietrangelo notes that “some researchers theorize that emotional abuse may contribute to the development of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.”  Other health issues can develop in individuals “abused or neglected as children,” including: eating disorders, headaches, heart disease, mental health issues, obesity, and substance use disorders, Pietrangle adds.

Furthermore, PTSD can develop and include symptoms such as: angry outbursts, being easily startled, insomnia, flashbacks, and upsetting thoughts.

Reiki adds a tool that can be used in combination with medical, psychological, or wellness-285590_1280psychiatric treatment.  Reiki does no harm and is the power of healing love.  Reiki is a gift, and receiving a Reiki attunement allows you to use your own hands to heal yourself.

Reiki is administered through gentle touch, and I’ve found this healing touch is especially helpful in recovering from abuse.  It feels therapeutic to receive nonsexual and safe touch.  It is very healing, especially when you are able to use your own hands and lovingly touch your own body.  It feels very empowering, which is important for survivors of domestic abuse.

Always check with your intuition and use discernment when working with a Reiki practitioner.  I have unfortunately heard many stories of individuals who were sexually harassed under the guise of a healing session, whether it be massage, spiritual healing, or something similar.  There are many extremely loving and powerful healers out there, but just as in any profession, there are some who are not quite so well-intentioned.  Abuse survivors will want to be especially cautious to find a practitioner they feel connected with and trust.

Mental-Emotional Body

In energy healing, it is key to treat the root cause of the illbeing.  This cause may be spiritual, emotional, mental, and/or physical.  Reiki flows to heal the root cause and helps restore balance to chi, our vital life force energy that causes illness when its flow is disrupted.

spiritualism-4552237_1280With Reiki, I can scan my own energy field or that of others and sense the byosen, or sick chi.  This palpable sensation indicates where toxins have accumulated, and different sensations indicate the severity of illbeing in that area.  It is possible to feel the byosen lessen and clear as I work on myself and others, so I use this to chakra-1079746_960_720understand where to treat an issue.

Sometimes I am amazed how far away from the body the root lies.  I have seen issues beginning several feet beyond a person.  Most individuals have several intense energy blocks around 4-6 inches above their body.  Interestingly, many people have clear backs and blocked fronts, or vice versa.  Practicing Reiki for about a decade, in addition to meditating daily, lets me sense very subtle sensations in and around me.

How to Use Reiki to Heal Mental-Emotional Distress

religion-3452582_1280You can receive a Reiki session from a Reiki practitioner or learn Reiki in a class with a Reiki master-teacher.  I always recommend getting an attunement so you can use the healing energy for yourself and others daily.

In Reiki I, you start a powerful self-healing process and are able to give yourself Reiki every day!  Reiki II includes a mental-emotional healing symbol that can be used especially on issues such as depression and anxiety.

I hope that this helps provide some resources that will benefit individuals healing from abusive relationships.  Remember you have the power of healing within your own hands.  It is your birthright, and you can begin to heal yourself using Reiki energy healing.  I recommend getting an attunement so you can treat yourself.  You are able to use Reiki in conjunction with any other practices.  Reiki is the power of healing love.







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