Distance Healing Support

Peaceful Presents is currently offering distance Reiki sessions and online psychic readings and advanced psychic training via Skype.

  • A distance session will support you in clearing and strengthening your vital life force energy (ki or qi).  You can receive Reiki from the comfort of your own space.  Book a distance session today and receive a 60-minute session for $120.
  • A multidimensional healing scan includes specific channeled guidance based on using Reiki to scan all major biological and energetic systems.  The report is more detailed than most psychic readings and provides a plethora of insights that will help you to become more aware of yourself, your life lessons, and your current state of health.  Book your multidimensional body scan with report ($250) online today!
  • An intuitive reading via Skype will bring forth guidance from your spirit guides and helpers.  Book your 90-minute Skype reading today.
  • A video-based e-mail reading includes channeled clairvoyant messages to support you on your path.  Book a 20-minute e-mail video reading today.

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