About Reiki


energyhealingReiki Energy Medicine

  • Balances chi for health and vitality
  • Creates relaxation so your body can heal itself
  • Administered by gentle touch
  • Divine, loving healing energy

There is more to well-being than meets the eye; everything that we are experiencing physically, mentally, or emotionally has roots in the spiritual dimension. 

Reiki restores vital life force energy at the spiritual root of any imbalance.  A Reiki session infuses your aura with this loving energy so that your body, mind, and emotions can heal themselves.

Learn more about Reiki at the International Center for Reiki Training here.


ButtonSWReiki ButtonDistance ButtonHFReiki
 Receive a full-body Reiki touch therapy treatment as well as channeled soul-level messages to support you in your healing. Receive Reiki healing energy at a distance from the comfort of your own home. Learn how to channel Reiki healing energy for yourself and others in a Reiki class.


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