Healing Resources

Healing Resources

Dallas Area Healers

  • Valerie Grimes offers hypnosis through The Flow Center. Sign up for her e-newsletter and receive free hypnosis recordings to help you clear any unconscious beliefs that prevent you from enjoying a healthy, happy body and healthy, happy relationships. http://theflowcenter.com/
  • Lewis Cone with Dallas Nutritional Healing Center helped me heal Lyme disease in weeks using a natural protocol. He uses muscle testing to determine which body systems are in need of help, as well as which supplements will remedy the situation. He also specializes in treating odd constellations of symptoms, uncovering root causes, and addressing hidden infections, food allergies, and heavy metal toxicity. http://www.drlewiscone.com/
  • Pamela Mauras, my Fort Worth Reiki master, teaches and practices Reiki, as well as goddess spirituality with Ascension Healing.  Her Goddess Path series empowers women to access their divine feminine nature, and gives you the tools to deepen your connection with the loving goddess energy on the planet.  She also offers retreats and Kuan Yin activations. http://www.ascensionhealing.net
  • Jodi Roberts is a shamanic sound healer and wise woman who runs the Star Coyote Sound Temple in Plano, TX.  She has a large assortment of gongs and singing bowls that she plays with intention; her sound baths are both relaxing and very transformative.  Plus, a variety of energy healers and lightworkers participate with the Temple. http://www.starcoyotesoundtemple.com/

Meditation & Spiritual Community

  • The Dallas Meditation Center hosts beginner meditation workshops as well as regular meditation groups.  It is a great community hub for individuals interested in enlightened consciousness and holistic wellbeing. http://www.dallasmeditationcenter.com/

Metaphysical Supplies

  • Silver Pyramid sells crystals and metaphysical supplies in Richardson.  The staff are very knowledgeable about the metaphysical and healing properties of their stones. http://www.silverpyramid.com/
  • The Rock Barrell in Dallas also sells crystals, but focuses less on the metaphysical aspect.  This store includes a wide variety of beads and tools for making jewelry. http://www.rockbarrell.com/

General Healing

  • King Spa is a luxurious Korean spa that includes a wide variety of healing sauna rooms (one filled with wood imported from abroad, a golden pyramid room, an infrared room, a salt room, and more).  There are also hot and cold pools, a dining area, and masseuses available. http://www.kingspa.com/

Psychic & Wellness Fairs

Books & Apps

Metaphysical Causes of Physical Symptoms

  • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay – Hay healed herself from cancer by changing her thoughts and beliefs. This classic text explains how we can use positive affirmations to improve our health. Hay includes metaphysical causes of multiple physical symptoms along with healing affirmations.
  • Heal Your Body app – This phone app lists physical symptoms in alphabetic order and provides causes and affirmations based on Hay’s work.
  • The Healer’s Manual by Ted Andrews – This book covers a wide range of energy healing modalities, including meridians, color therapy, sound therapy, and aromatherapy. Andrews also looks at the metaphysical significance of major body systems and the messages behind physical symptoms.

Other Resources

  • Book of Stones – most comprehensive book of gemstones and crystals. Describes their metaphysical healing properties on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual)
  • Animal Speak by Ted Andrews – healing with animal totems, signs and omens in nature. Includes dictionary of animal totems and their meaning.
  • iTotem app – phone app that lists animal totems and their significance
  • Doreen Virtue decks – awesome introductions to archangels, goddesses, fairies, and enlightened masters.
  • Shamanic Journeying by Sandra Ingerman teaches a powerful technique for personal healing, empowerment, and transformation


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