Boundaries & Healing, Part 2: Establishing Boundaries

Part 1 of this series introduced the concept of boundaries, which help us to distinguish ourselves from others and declare what we are willing to allow into our lives.  Establishing effective boundaries helps us to stay safe when we are doing healing work.

Building and enforcing healthy boundaries is a long-term process and will not happen overnight.  As you uncover what you are no longer willing to experience, you will be challenged to behave in new ways and make different choices.

This visualization can help you to understand the current state of your boundaries and change your boundaries so that they truly support your highest good.  You can use this technique regularly as you are working on your boundaries to strengthen them.  Once you build firm boundaries internally, your external world will begin to reflect them back to you, and you will naturally feel safe and respected throughout your day.

tunnelbeach stairs1) Take a moment to center and breathe deeply, settling into your seat.  When you feel calm and clear, visualize a staircase in front of you.  Go down 11 steps until you reach a beach.  You are now in your subconscious mind.

boundary_full2) Walk to a smooth open space on the beach and imagine a circle forming in the sand around you.  Take a look at the circle and notice some details.  Does it fully surround you, or are there holes or gaps in the circle?  Is it symmetric, or are some parts of the line closer to you and others further away?  This circle represents your current boundaries.  If you would like, erase or re-draw the line so that it feels comfortable and right to you.  You might want to close up gaps or reform the circle so it is bigger or closer to your body.  You can also ask questions and get information about the gaps or shape if you would like to understand why it is that way.

beachcircle3) Are there any people, thoughts, objects, feelings, colors, or words inside the circle?  Look at each object that presents itself to you and check in with your gut.  Are you comfortable with this item in your sacred space?  If not, visualize yourself picking it up and placing it on the other side of the line.  Continue until you are pleased with everything inside the circle.  If there is something or someone stubborn inside your circle, you can call on your spirit guides or angels to help remove them.

4) Look outside the circle.  Are there any items, words, colors, people, or thoughts there?  Again look at each object and check in with your gut.  Do you want those items to remain outside the circle, or would you prefer that they be allowed into your sacred space?  Visualize yourself picking them up and moving them as seems appropriate.

5) Finally, retrace the circle into the sand and imagine that radiant blessings-222x308beams of light shoot from the sand up into the sky, completely surrounding you within your new boundary.  Feel safe and whole as you breathe in.  When you are ready, snap your fingers and watch the boundary become invisible.  You can trust that your new boundaries will remain with you as you go throughout your day.

6) Return to the staircase and count 11 steps back to your point of origin.  You are now back in your everyday reality.  You can return to this space and adjust your boundaries at any time.  If you think someone or something might be invading your boundaries, you can also return here to assess where they stand.

This post is part 2 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 3 will look at boundary violations.  Take notice of how you feel in the world once you have done this boundary visualization.  Do people treat you differently?  Do you attract different situations?  Were you surprised at all by what you saw?

Guided Shielding Meditation for Psychic Protection


Many individuals who are drawn to healing work are empathic or highly sensitive and need psychic protection. In this guided meditation, I lead you through a visualization to ground, center, and guard your energy so that you can go through the day in peace.

Without a shield, you leave yourself open to be unduly influenced by others’ energies or energies from the collective. With a shield, you are able to contain and direct your energy according to your will in a way that serves your highest good. Try it and see the difference it makes.

Permission, Free Will, & Healing Work

Is it possible to send healing to an individual without their consent?  Can sending Reiki without permission cause harm?  What happens if you send energy and it is refused?  How can you tailor your practice to ensure that you are using your healing power in full integrity and according to divine will?  These are all important questions for any lightworker to confront.

ImageMost energy healers have a strong desire to help others, and few of us can resist sending healing light to the multitude of individuals we encounter throughout our day.  This is definitely a noble desire; still, it is important to realize that not everyone is willing or ready to receive healing from us.  Just as trespassing on private property violates human law, operating without an individual’s consent on the spiritual planes can violate sacred law.  We can take steps to establish permission and set pure intentions so that our healing truly serves the highest good of all, and not just our own perception of what the world needs (as beautiful as that vision might be!).

Reiki, a divinely guided loving energy, cannot violate another’s free will and always flows in a way that serves the highest good.  Because of this, it is always safe to send Reiki, just as it is safe to pray for another being.  Still, sending Reiki does not necessarily mean that it will be received.  Sometimes people have a higher purpose behind their experience.  On an unconscious or soul level, they might have chosen to experience ill health, difficulties, and even death to learn an important lesson or to help others learn important lessons.  Or, an individual simply may not be ready to “let go” of a dynamic that they feel is serving them.  No matter how much healing you send these people, nothing will change because they are committed to their current paradigm.

It is simple to establish permission when you are working with clients or individuals who seek out your help.  But how can you gain consent for a person who has not approached you or who is far away?  One technique involves connecting with their Higher Self.  This approach has the added benefit that you can ask their Higher Self for guidance on what will be most healing for the individual.

Meditation for Permission from Another’s Higher Self

Image1) Ground yourself and see yourself centered and full of light as you relax and breathe deeply.

2) Imagine a silver cord growing up from the top of your head.  Follow this cord up and connect with your own Higher Self.  Take a moment to feel her or his love for you, as your physical form merges with your Higher Self’s etheric form.

3) See the individual you are interested in sending healing to in your mind’s eye, and imagine their Higher Self floating above them.

4) Approach their Higher Self with your own.  Ask if you have their permission to send healing and take note of any visuals, thoughts, feelings, or sensations that you receive.  Ask for clarity if you are unsure.  You might imagine a traffic light.  If the signal is green, go ahead.  If it is yellow, use caution.  And if it is red, do not send healing.  Or try to see their face and physical motions.  Do they look happy if you suggest sending healing?  Or do they wave their hands as if to shoo you off?  This will indicate their readiness to receive.

5) If they grant you permission, ask them how they would like to receive healing, if there is a particular issue they need help with, if there is a particular technique you can use, and any other questions you might have.  Take note of the response and trust your intuition.  If they do not grant you permission, accept that and do not try to force healing.  You can always check in at a later date, as their opinion may change.

6) Thank their Higher Self and let it know you will send healing.  Draw down from your own Higher Self back into your body and ground into the present moment.

This meditation will give you a clear idea of whether another soul is open to receive healing and how they would like to receive it.  Operating in this way, you can respect the boundaries and free will of another individual in your Reiki practice.

Also, it is valuable to send Reiki to another person’s Higher Self (rather than to a particular problem that you perceive), because the individual’s Higher Self knows how to dispense the energy in a way that serves their highest good.  Of course, this is not always the way you would imagine healing needs to take place.

ImageWhen you send Reiki to another soul, you can also intend that if the energy is rejected, it is sent to heal the earth or to empower the Reiki world peace grid.  The energy may be immediately accepted, declined, or held until the person is ready.  Setting this intention means the love you send will not be wasted and will not violate another’s free will.

So, check in with the Higher Self of any individual you wish to send healing to, and create a clear intention so that you do not waste your power on someone who is not willing to receive your love.  We all have free will on this planet, and it is essential as lightworkers that we respect each other and surrender our small-minded conceptions of what another person needs.  In this way, we can truly be a healing presence for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Heal Our World through Energy Work

Although Light has already won the battle for the souls on this planet, wImagee currently stand in a time of transition where this may not be immediately apparent.  Many souls in the collective are trapped in fear and illusion, and it can seem that the planet has fallen into chaos if you get caught in this energy.  As lightworkers, we have a choice to come from love, which is spiritual truth, or to come from fear, which is illusion.

As our connection to Source deepens, we begin to radiate love and experience the truth of love as the power driving the universe.  We experience abundance and prosperity flowing from a higher power and know that this loving source will guide us Imageand protect us on our earth walk.  We are no longer susceptible to human manipulations that try to enforce ideas of scarcity or powerlessness.  We cultivate our capacity to rise above mass hypnosis and cultural control through meditating and aligning with higher consciousness.  We begin to receive our guidance from Great Spirit instead of TV or destructive mass thoughtforms.

Lightworkers have been holding space for true peace, true prosperity, and tImagerue love on the planet for countless generations.  We have built the energetic architecture for a sustainable future filled with wellbeing.  You can check with your inner knowing and feel that this is true.  We are truly walking into a time of flourishing for humanity, a time when the collective consciousness evolves to hold higher vibrations of love, compassion, healing, gratitude, prosperity, and peace.

What is physically manifest now is a reflection of the spiritual architecture laid by previous generations.  We have built diverse societies, decreased violence, opened our hearts and minds, and Imagelearned so much.  What will come to pass will similarly reflect the healing intentions we put forth each day.  In this moment we have the opportunity to continue assisting the planet in its ascension process by consciously sending Reiki, lovingkindness, and light to all corners of the earth. Do not get caught by fears of the collective or by illusions that undermine our spiritual power on the planet.  Continue to resonate with the highest truth and see all beings and all experiences through the eyes of love.

Meditation to Heal Collective Consciousness

1) Ground and center yourself, focusing on your breath.  Set the intention to offer healing to the collective consciousness.

2) Begin by visualizing your immediate environment.  Mentally go through your home and fill it with light.  As light of love, joy, and prosperity enters your domicile, it erases and clears any detrimental energy in your space.  Feel and know that it is so.

3) Zoom out to your neighborhood.  Imagine a powerful spiritual grid of light Imagesurrounding the neighborhood.  See clouds of fear or violence dissolving in pure spiritual light.  See the souls in the neighborhood filled with power and purpose.  Continue adjusting until it feels complete.

4) Now see your entire city and continue the process.  Imagine the light of peace filling the community.  Zoom out to your state, your nation, and finally the planet and repeat the process.  Use your imagination to bless and heal any discordant energy that arises.  You may feel it, see it, sense it, hear it, or smell it.  Use your personal power to transmute it until the scene looks and feels ‘right.’

5) Thank your spiritual helpers for continuing to hold these high vibrations for the planet and consciously ground your energy, rooting deep into the earth.  Repeat often!

Reiki and Meditation


Awareness meditation, or mindfulness, enhances your capacity as a Reiki practitioner. You can receive divine guidance, gain clarity, and cultivate energetic sensitivity through centering and grounding daily meditation.

Reiki healing meditation involves visualizing loving energy and light and best outcomes for world events, friends and family, animals, etc.

Guidance meditation involves building a relationship with an enlightened spiritual being by sending them Reiki.

Psychic Housekeeping for Your Energy Body

Aura_ChakraWhen you work with energy, whether as a healer, psychic, spiritual seeker, or magician, it is essential to establish a strong sense of your own energy body and to keep it clean.   Not only will this increase your health and well-being, but you will begin to experience the world around you in new and exciting ways as your sensitivity increases.

Chakra Colors & Associations

The energy body has been explored by many cultures, and so there are many versions of maps to the auric field out there. One of the most useful is the seven chakra system.  These energy vortices run from the bottom of our spine to the top of our head. They create a rainbow, and each chakra governs particular functions.

chakrasThe red root chakra, located at the base of the spine, handles survival and is our foundation here on earth. The orange sacral chakra resides at the belly and governs emotion, relationship, and sexuality. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and relates to personal power and autonomy. The green heart chakra covers love and compassion. The blue throat chakra handles expression and communication.  The indigo third eye chakra governs intuition and psychic faculties. The violet/purple/white crown chakra lies at the top of the head and is our divine connection, pure consciousness, and awareness.

Meditation to Clean, Bless, and Heal the Chakras

It is possible to feel each chakra within your energy system.  You can also use your psychic vision to see each energy vortex to ascertain its health and well-being. This meditation will guide you to cleanse, bless, and heal each chakra so that you are operating at optimal power.

(1)chakra-cleansing Begin by centering yourself with a few deep breaths.  Concentrate on feeling the red chakra at the base of your spine and imagine that roots extend from this energy center deep into the earth. See the earth’s healing energy pulsing into this chakra. Take note of how it is spinning. Which direction is it turning? Is it moving slowly or quickly? Ask your spirit guides to restore its ideal spin and feel the sensation in your body.

(2) Investigate the color of the chakra. Is it bright and vibrant? Are there clouds of dullness around it?  Do any images arise as you psychically see the chakra?  Imagine that you are painting it or washing it clean until it shines vibrantly, and take note of any images you see associated with it. These are clues that you can use to heal yourself.

(3) When you feel the chakra is healthy and vibrant, imagine a white beam of light rising up into your sacral chakra. Repeat the previous steps for this energy center, and continue up the spine to investigate your yellow solar plexus chakra,  green heart chakra, blue throat chakra, indigo third eye chakra, and violet crown chakra.

images(4) As you do this exercise, you may experience emotional release or otherwise feel energies moving in and through your body. Know that this is healing, cleansing, and blessing you. The world will look different when you are done with this process.  To end the cleansing meditation, imagine your aura encompassing your body and feel it deeply. Ask that your spiritual helpers restore it to its pure vitality. See it in your mind’s eye and take note of any rips or tears or any areas of discoloration in your auric field.  Imagine that you are repairing these disruptions and dissolving any energies that no longer serve you.

(5) Finally, fill your field with purifying light and  imagine a protective boundary at the edge of your aura. This will prevent disturbing energies from entering your space so that you maintain peace and equanimity.

You can repeat this psychic housekeeping process each day or as needed. The more often you do it, the more in tune you will be with how your energy system functions, and you will be able to easily address any problems that might arise.

Why Talk to Spirit Guides When I Can Talk to God?

We all have a team of heavenly helpers who support us on our life mission.  MosImaget people have multiple spirit guides that guide them during their lifetime, and some spirit guides that appear to help them through specific periods of their life.  Who or what are spirit guides? Typically, they are ancestral spirits, enlightened teachers, and animal totems.

Our spirit guides are our closest support system. They are closest to us here on earth and are intimately aware of our soul contracts and purposes for incarnating on the planet.  Hypnotist Michael Newton became a believer in life between lives after performing many regression sessions that had similar themes. His book, “Destiny of Souls,” contains descriptions of many of his clients’ experiences. Many of them describe meeting with a sort of spiritual team to plan their incarnation on earth and review the outcome of their life after Imagedeath. The book describes soul groups that help each other grow spiritually while living on earth. Our spirit guides are here to make sure we don’t get off track.

It is easy to connect with your guides and get clear and accurate information to help you navigate your life. The simplest technique is to sit in meditation and offer the intention to  safely meet your spirit guides. Then imagine that you see, smell, hear, feel, or otherwise sense your guides around you. Trust what you experience as your guides reveal themselves to you and take notes so you can remember them later.

Once you build a relationship, you can visit or talk to your guides at any time and get answers to all of your burning questions. You may also be able to sense their loving, calm presence around you as Imageyou go throughout your day.

It is important to communicate with your spirit guides even though we can all also talk to God directly about any concerns that we have. God receives all prayer and is a valuable resource, But to some extent, he is like the CEO of the company. Spirit guides are more like our immediate supervisors. They follow God’s lead, but know us better and have more time to help us out than God does. They are also closer in density to the vibration on earth, so they can help us to navigate the material world and offer practical advice.

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

Originally posted on February 13, 2012

Thought forms have the power to impact our vibrational field as well as the fields of those we think about.  Thought forms are created when a strong emotion meets a thought.  According to William Rand, who started the International Center for Reiki Training, these thought forms travel to the person being thought of and impact the energy around them.  The impact depends both on the nature of the thought form and the condition of the recipient’s aura.

If you feel angry at your boss, you are sending thought forms to that person.  If your boss has psychic protection in place and a strong auric field, it is less likely they will be impacted.  But if your boss is weak or vulnerable, the energetic power of your thought form will begin to invade her auric field and can influence how she thinks and acts.  It might even cause some illness!  Many shamans and magickal people throughout time have recognized this phenomenon… after all, what are curses, but powerful thought forms?

So obviously, you will want to keep your aura strong and healthy and work with your guides and angels to stay protected on the psychic plane.  A simple way to do this is to invite the angels of protection to be with you all day when you arise in the morning, then ask the angels of healing to remove and transform any unwholesome energies you received that day before you go to bed at night.  Meditating also increases your vibration, and you will be more aware of whether an energy is yours or someone else’s.  And of course keeping healthy habits will empower you with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength and reduce all types of vulnerability to harm.

Reading about this, I immediately became curious about what thought forms were being sent my way and decided to check it out.  Once I saw and felt the thought forms, I asked to see who sent them, and telepathically sent a healing image in response.  I read in Sanaya Roman’s Personal Power through Awareness that the images others carry of us can impact our own success, so I sent back the images I wanted those people to see and felt an emotional release and much joy as the new images and sensations filled my body!  This exercise raised my vibration and enhanced my personal awareness.

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

1) Get relaxed and call on your angels to center and ground you for this healing meditation.  Focus on your breath for three or four breaths, and proceed when your mind is calm.

2) Intend to see four thought forms that are in your auric field.  In your mind’s eye, imagine four wadded up balls of paper.  Each one represents a thoughtform.

3) Pick up the paper balls one at a time and open them.  Take a moment to feel the essence of the thought form in your body.  How do you feel physically?  Is there any emotional content?  Do you feel a connection to any specific chakras or part of your body?  Does the energy feel beneficial or harmful?

4) Ask to see who sent the thought form and trust what comes.  You may see a specific person, a spirit guide, or a collection of people.

5) Calm your mind and decide how you’d like to respond.  With my visualization, I saw that a loved one was hoping I was happy and had plenty of money, so I beamed an image of Lakshmi,


the goddess of wealth, with gold coins running from her hands, and of me drumming and dancing and having a good time.  Another person was sending me the thought that I was lazy and inefficient (and I felt weighed down at my shoulders and upset), so I sent back a sense of right dilligence, joy, and compassion (goddess Kuan Yin)

Kuan Yin

till I felt good and relieved from the thought form.  I also saw that many people thought that I am an extremely happy person, so I sent them all the wish, “May you be happy” till I felt full up of love!

6) Continue to work with each thought form till you feel complete.  Thank your guides, come back to earth, and enjoy your day!

And of course, be mindful of the thought forms you send to others…  Each thought has the capacity to be a blessing or a curse… Let yours be kind 🙂