Guided Shielding Meditation for Psychic Protection


Many individuals who are drawn to healing work are empathic or highly sensitive and need psychic protection. In this guided meditation, I lead you through a visualization to ground, center, and guard your energy so that you can go through the day in peace.

Without a shield, you leave yourself open to be unduly influenced by others’ energies or energies from the collective. With a shield, you are able to contain and direct your energy according to your will in a way that serves your highest good. Try it and see the difference it makes.

What Is A Shamanic Journey?

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism, which involves entering an altered state of consciousness to connect to the spiritual realm, is the world’s oldest Imagespiritual practice.  Individual and societal practices vary greatly in form, but the essence is the same among all traditions throughout time.

Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanism Studies, discovered these core methods after decades of anthropological fieldwork and firsthand experience.  The shamanic drum journey is one core practice.

What Is A Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic drumming is a simple technique that can be used for many things.  I have gone on shamanic journeys to heal outdated beliefs, gather information about illness, change the Akashic records, heal my ancestral lineage, learn spiritual truths, connect with animal totems and spirit guides, and more It is a powerful, safe, and simple technique that you can do in the privacy of your own home.  Like all techniques, you will get better at shamanic journeying with practice.

The journey does not imply physical travel, but rather takes place in the practitioner’s mind or inner realms, in a space between the world of spirit and the world of the ordinary.

ImageShamanism centers around the idea of a world tree, a tree of life, with a lower, middle, and upper world.  This tree has its roots in an underworld, our unconscious and subconscious mind and the realm of nature spirits.  The middle world, or trunk of the tree, spans the spiritual reality of our everyday experience on earth.  The upper world is connected to our spiritual guides, the Hall of Akashic Records, the star brethren, and our higher self.

A practitioner uses rhythmic drumming to enter into a trance state and meet with an animal guide who will assist the individual on their journey.  Sandra Ingerman’s book, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide, is a classic introduction to the technique.  It includes a drumming CD so you can explore journeys in the comfort of your own home.  Shamanism Canada has an online mp3 that can be used for personal journeys as well.

I will be posting more about shamanic journeys in the future.  I have found journeying to be inspiring, illuminating, and healing.