Personalized Psychic & Healing Courses

These personalized one-on-one courses allow you to go deeply into your personal healing while learning advanced psychic and healing techniques that can benefit you and others.
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  • Identify your spirit guides
  • Discover how they communicate
  • Connect in meditation
  • Receive messages in dreams
  • Learn automatic writing
  • Discern guides from imposters
  • Create teams of specialty guides
  • Learn how to ask questions
  • Recognize and receive answers
  • Verbally channel your guides
  • What is empathy?
  • How (and why) to ground your energy
  • A powerful shielding meditation you can use daily for psychic protection
  • The state of your personal auric field
  • How to cut cords and attachments
  • How to clear your aura
  • The power of visualization and imagination
  • Techniques to psychically clear your energy field
  • Tips for extra protection, including crystals and physical practices
  • The power of intention
  • How to phrase your manifestations
  • Tips for getting positive manifestations
  • Trust and faith in your intuition and spiritual support
  • How to use your emotions to help you manifest
  • How to transform thoughts and beliefs to support your manifestation
  • What your soul yearns for you to manifest
  • The power of gratitude
  • Powerful healing attunement to help release blocks
  • Guided “Manifest a Miracle” meditation
  • Creating a personal vision board (materials included)
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  • Deepen your connection with your physical body
  • Live more fully awake and alive as your true feminine self
  • Re-pattern deep-seated wounds
  • Reveal your dynamic and sacred feminine sexual nature
  • Personal past-life psychic reading
  • Guided meditation to access and heal your past lives
  • Information about how to identify and confirm past lives
  • Reiki healing session
  • Akashic records briefing


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