Multidimensional Body Scan

Aura_ChakraUncover your body’s wisdom with an intuitive assessment of the current state of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.  Reiki master Jessica Hitch will send distance healing energy to you as she scans your system.  She will connect with your spirit guides, Higher Self, and angels to channel information about how you can maintain and build well-being in your unique system.

In addition to receiving healing energy (a $200 value), you will receive a comprehensive typed report that will:

  • Identify any weak spots in major physical systems, including specific organs
  • Clarify what is needed for healing on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level
  • Provide guidance that will help you to build and maintain health and vitality
  • Include insight about the root cause of any imbalances

The report is more detailed than most psychic readings and provides a plethora of insights that will help you to become more aware of yourself, your life lessons, and your current state of health.  Book your multidimensional body scan with report ($250) online today!bookingpeaceWhile a multidimensional body scan provides energy and information that support your well-being, it does not replace medical or psychological care.


Sample Insights from Multidimensional Scans

“I just did distance Reiki and got a lot of information for you about your health concern.  It is mainly a physical problem.  I get the sense you will heal and be much happier, but it will require endurance.  You are being called to re-evaluate your relationship with yourself and to heal things from your past that have caused you pain. Main trouble spot: bladder/urethra – the guides say ‘Get help’ (naturopath is indicated).”

“I see you stretching and taking lots of Epsom baths. Your guides recommend taking time to put your feet up and also recommend exercise. In particular they say take the stairs when you can, lift weights, and do crunches. This will help your self-esteem and help your emotional state. I also see you in a hot tub. On one level, you have been hiding yourself from the masculine because you feel exhausted and abused inside. You must rebuild inner trust and nurture yourself. The time has come to truly and deeply build a dialogue with your self and yourself alone. This will be a different approach for you.”

“I sense some wrist pain or inflammation. Shake your wrists and let it out. You will want to affirm ‘I move forward with fluid ease and grace’ ‘Life is a joyous journey’ and ‘I discover myself’––right now the wrists are saying “I am stuck.” I also sense some shoulder discomfort. Do shoulder rotations and stretches.”

“This is primarily manifesting on the physical and mental level, with the physical being the primary cause. Mentally, believing you can do what you love and that it is valuable to others will help. You have intuitive gifts. You need to cut out any friendships that are causing your headaches. I feel that there are some that are literally hurting your head at the crown. ”

“Pain and frustration are held in. You cannot face it, but you need to get out of the maze. There was some partially dissociated energy at your right shoulder that left you when you felt threatened. Connect with this part. What does it look like? What does it need to feel safe, supported, and love? See yourself holding it. Follow its suggestions.”

“Patience, power, and prayer. You are a spiritual warrior and seeker who is adept with high frequency energies. To some extent, you are avoiding what is personal. This is a bit of a struggle. You have a desire to be seen, but are shy. You put yourself out there, but often remain hidden, especially around men, due to self-doubt. Patience pays off with a new perspective.”

“The Angels are ready to help.  Raphael, Michael, and Uriel are especially calling out to you. You are not ‘making it up,’ though you do have a skeptical part. This part fears failure and so doubts you.”

“Your etheric body had a tear at the top right. This was related to questioning God, the divine father, the eternal. It is a call to celebrate masculine wisdom. You might roll your eyes when you read this, but honor it in yourself and the men in your life. It seems you feel fed up, exhausted with yourself, and may have been crying or experienced painful emotions. You have been neglected as a child and in past lives, so you stopped believing and played small.  Reiki can help.”

“Mentally, you need to calm down anxiety through meditation or mantra. Put down your thoughts and pay attention to them. You are moving along with a smile, but hiding some emotional pain. You also carry the thoughts of others at your trunk. This is not okay. Define your boundaries and your sacred space.”

“With water, the emotional element, I get a strong message for you to slow down and go slow. This is not the time to waste your energy on flitting about, but rather a time to gather, conserve, store your energy. Take a lot of time to relax and be with yourself.”

“As far as your energy body goes, you are leaking energy at your root. You must contain depth. This creates an excessive emotion of fear. When I sent you Reiki, I felt it flowing strongly, so this should help your energy.”


Please contact Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Reiki master Jessica Hitch via email with any questions.


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