Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki healing energy can easily flow over a long distance to bring healing and relief. Receiving Reiki distance healing is a great way to benefit from this powerful healing energy without leaving the house!


Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch is offering a distant healing special so that you can receive healing from the comfort of your own home. Book a distance session today and receive a 60-minute session for $120.

  •  Receive powerful healing Reiki energy from the comfort of home
  •  Receive an e-mail report on any intuitive guidance that comes through during your session

Distance Reiki works best if you are able to set aside time to rest and relax, but it is still effective even if you are performing your normal daily activities and cannot take time to rest.


Students learn distance Reiki healing in Reiki II and are often amazed at what they sense when another student sends them Reiki from another room. Most frequently, the recipient can tell which part of the body the sender focused on. Receivers also report seeing colors, feelings of peace and calm, and spontaneous intuitive insights.

If you are curious about Reiki but unable to come for an in-person session, try distance healing. It is a very convenient way to recharge your energy and clear out any unwanted energetic obstructions.