Soul’s Wisdom Reiki Therapy Sessions


Dallas, Texas Soul’s Wisdom Reiki Therapy Sessions

A Reiki therapy session is an opportunity to allow divine healing wisdom to flow into your body so thdallas texas reiki master-teacherat it can heal itself.  In a Reiki session, powerful Life Force Energy, or ki (a.k.a. chi, qi, or prana), flows through the practitioner’s hands to restore balance and wellbeing in your energy system.

Reiki complements and enhances any form of treatment and can assist with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being.  Receiving Reiki feels like being bathed in divine love, peace, and joy.  During your session, you will receive hands-on healing while fully clothed. The power of Reiki is awesome to experience!

Reiki has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure, which promotes peace and relaxation in the body.  Your body is able to heal dueenergyhealing to this relaxation response.

I offer 2.5-hour intensive Soul’s Wisdom Reiki sessions, as well as 1-hour distance Reiki sessions.  All sessions include channeled healing guidance from your spirit guides.

If you sense you might benefit from Reiki therapy, contact Reiki master Jessica Hitch today via email or book online.

Appointments are offered in Richardson, TX at Dallas Meditation Center.

Treatment Options

Soul’s Wisdom Reiki Treatment – $400/2.5 hours
Receive a relaxing full-body touch therapy session with a basic Reiki treatment.  Reiki helps you to relax so that your body can heal itself.  This divine loving energy restores areas with discordant chi (life force energy) so that your energy system becomes filled with vital chi that supports your health and well being.

This deep healing session includes hands-on energy work as well as clear intuitive insight that promotes your self-healing.  Working with angels, your Higher Self, and enlightened masters, I will use Reiki to clear out obstructions and balance your energy body.  Each client will receive extensive channeled guidance from their team of heavenly helpers as part of the shamanic Reiki treatment.  Most clients leave with pages of notes!


Distance Reiki Session – $120/1 hour (with e-mail follow-up)

I will send Reiki over a distance in an hour-long session.  You will receive the peaceful, relaxing energy from the comfort of your own home.  It is not necessary that you be still while I send the Reiki energy, although it can enhance the experience if you are able to set time aside to rest while I send healing.  I will e-mail you afterwards to offer any intuitive guidance I receive.

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Reiki does best when it is applied over multiple sessions.  Give yourself or a loved one a Peaceful Present!  Packages can save you money and enhance your wellbeing.   Call Jessica directly at 469-766-8765 to inquire or book online here.  Upfront payment is required.

Seasonal Healing Package – 4 in-person sessions for $1000

  • Experience the benefit of multiple Reiki sessions at a discounted rate.  Regular Reiki promotes relaxation and maintains your energy body in a state of wellbeing.

Monthly Healing Package – 12 in-person sessions for $2400

  • Let Reiki powerfully heal you over time with this discounted package.  Very beneficial for individuals with more serious concerns that could benefit from long-term treatment.

Seasonal Distance Healing Package – 4 distance sessions for $400

  • Multiple distance sessions will allow your body to relax and rejuvenate.  We can go deeper into any concerns you might have and gain benefit from seeing how your system changes over time.

Monthly Distance Healing Package – 12 distance sessions for $840

  • Experience deep transformation with this discounted distance healing package.  Great for individuals in the hospital or hospice care, as well as anyone seeking to deepen their healing experience.



How to Prepare for Your Reiki Therapy Session

You will receive the maximum benefit if you come to your session with a clear intention of what you wish to heal (physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual).  Bring any questions you might have so that your spirit guides can address them for you.  Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your initial session to have extra time to fill out a short intake form.  Wear comfortable clothes for ultimate relaxation.

If it feels right to you, avoid or reduce caffeine, alcohol, meat, sugar, recreational drugs, and tobacco for several days before and after your session.  Drink plenty of water, take time to relax, and come ready to absorb deeply!

What to Expect after Your Reiki Treatment

Be prepared for energy to shift after your Reiki touch therapy session.  Ideally, take time to integrate the healing and have a low-key evening after your session.  You will want to be sure to drink plenty of water, and could benefit from an Epsom salt soak as well.  These will help you to detox and will further deepen your healing.

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