DFW Holy Fire Reiki Training Classes

Do you feel the divine calling to practice energy healing?reikiattunement

  • Hands tingling and becoming sensitive to subtle energies
  • Increased empathic sensitivity to the emotions of others
  • Psychic phenomenon or kundalini activation symptoms
  • Interest in chakras, qi, and the multidimensional body
  • Desire to help the world to be a happier, healthier place

Reiki is a great place to start!  A Reiki attunement connects you to a powerful, loving healing energy and guides you on your path as a planetary healer. Continued Reiki practice is available for all students at monthly healing shares.

Life will never be the same once you plug in to the healing power that is your birthright.

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reiki-woman-2The modality is simple to learn and will enhance your everyday life in a multitude of ways:

  • Natural pain relief that literally flows from your hands
  • Relaxation promotes physical healing
  • Loving energy heals emotional body
  • Heals spiritual root cause of any imbalance
  • Mental healing, a feeling of calm tranquility and peace
  • Manifestation
  • Planetary healing
  • Distance healing, including healing the past and future
  • Connection with loving spiritual guides
  • Reiki aligns you with your perfect spiritual path
  • Bless and empower plants, food, medicines, crystals
  • Heal your loved ones
  • Create a Reiki business
  • Enhances intuition and psychic skills
  • Awareness of subtle energies


Holy Fire Reiki I- Activation – $150

5-hour class available by appointmentreikiattunement

Activate the healing power of your hands and begin channeling divine Holy Fire Reiki energy after your level I attunement. Learn the history of Reiki and get hands-on practice working with the energy. Begin a powerful self-healing process that will transform how you experience the world and help you to heal those around you with ease. An introduction to energy system basics is included.

A Reiki manual and class certificate are included.  Course is $150 with $50 deposit, and you can reserve your spot here.

Holy Fire Reiki II – Expansion – $250

5-hour class available by appointment

Deepen your handsReiki connection and learn three powerful healing symbols that activate distance healing, mental/emotional healing, and amplify your Reiki strength. Learn techniques to treat people and even world events from a distance. Connect with your Reiki guides and experience further self-healing. A study of ethics and a discussion of professional practice are included with level II for those who are interested in working with clients.

A Reiki manual and class certificate are included.  Course is $250 with $50 deposit, and you can reserve your spot here.


Holy Fire Advanced Reiki Training & Reiki Master – $700

Arrange by Appointment

Become a Holy Fire Reiki master with the power to transfer attunements to students of your own with this master-level class. Your enhanced connection to Reiki will amplify your personal healing and allow you to channel strong Reiki to others. You will learn new symbols and how to pass Reiki to others through attunements, as well as teaching techniques.

Serious students who are committed to Reiki as a lifetime practice ONLY. A Reiki master manual, class certificate, and course materials are included.

Course is $700 with a $150 deposit.  We will meet four days total for 5 hours each day.

Continued Reiki Practice is available for all students at monthly Reiki healing shares in Dallas, TX.  All shares will be posted on the Peaceful Presents Meetup.


What happens after the attunement?  What is a Reiki attunement like?  Check out this video I made explaining some of the miraculous events that occurred after my Reiki attunement.


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