Feminine Healing Series

Empowered Feminine Sexual Healing Series

Reclaim the wisdom of your feminine sexual nature through meditation, energy exercises, discussion, and creativity in this 6-part feminine healing course.  Reiki master Jessica Hitch will present materials and facilitate discussion so that you can:

  • Deepen your connection with your physical body
  • Live more fully awake and alive as your true feminine self
  • Re-pattern deep-seated wounds
  • Reveal your dynamic and sacred feminine sexual nature

Each participant will work with a particular goddess for the duration of the course.  These divine beings will support us in our growth, alchemy, and transformation.

You will  receive a packet of useful healing handouts and benefit greatly from o655926895ur deep discussion and meditations.  Change from within creates change without, so as you change your relationship to your feminine sexual nature, you are also changing the world!

This 6-part series takes place by appointment.  We will choose times that work for your schedule and budget.  You will receive individual attention and support for healing your creative feminine self.


  • Discovering our sacred bowl; what does it mean to be a woman?
  • Uterine energy, womb meditation, womb dance
  • Metaphysics of the derriere, butt and body image
  • Ovarian fire, pelvic boundaries, ovary meditation
  • Vaginal energy, pelvic self-care, receptivity and guardianship
  • Breasts, breastfeeding, breast augmentation

Although this workshop will help us to heal our sexuality, there is nothing “R-rated” in our practices, and the workshop series does not involve any nudity or experiential practices during our time together.

Still, this is not necessarily for the faint of heart.  We are doing deep alchemical healing work, and so stuff WILL COME UP!  This is for those individuals who can trust the process and are excited to reclaim their feminine sexual power.


Please e-mail Reiki master Jessica Hitch with any questions.  Each one-on-one session lasts for two hours.  Book your first session today, and we will schedule the remaining ones at our first meeting.  Please pay $300 at your first session and $300 at each following session ($1800 total).



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