Why Talk to Spirit Guides When I Can Talk to God?

We all have a team of heavenly helpers who support us on our life mission.  MosImaget people have multiple spirit guides that guide them during their lifetime, and some spirit guides that appear to help them through specific periods of their life.  Who or what are spirit guides? Typically, they are ancestral spirits, enlightened teachers, and animal totems.

Our spirit guides are our closest support system. They are closest to us here on earth and are intimately aware of our soul contracts and purposes for incarnating on the planet.  Hypnotist Michael Newton became a believer in life between lives after performing many regression sessions that had similar themes. His book, “Destiny of Souls,” contains descriptions of many of his clients’ experiences. Many of them describe meeting with a sort of spiritual team to plan their incarnation on earth and review the outcome of their life after Imagedeath. The book describes soul groups that help each other grow spiritually while living on earth. Our spirit guides are here to make sure we don’t get off track.

It is easy to connect with your guides and get clear and accurate information to help you navigate your life. The simplest technique is to sit in meditation and offer the intention to  safely meet your spirit guides. Then imagine that you see, smell, hear, feel, or otherwise sense your guides around you. Trust what you experience as your guides reveal themselves to you and take notes so you can remember them later.

Once you build a relationship, you can visit or talk to your guides at any time and get answers to all of your burning questions. You may also be able to sense their loving, calm presence around you as Imageyou go throughout your day.

It is important to communicate with your spirit guides even though we can all also talk to God directly about any concerns that we have. God receives all prayer and is a valuable resource, But to some extent, he is like the CEO of the company. Spirit guides are more like our immediate supervisors. They follow God’s lead, but know us better and have more time to help us out than God does. They are also closer in density to the vibration on earth, so they can help us to navigate the material world and offer practical advice.