Reiki Self Healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis

 With some modifications, Reiki can provide pain relief and deep healing for rheumatoid arthritis.  Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique that allows the practitioner to access a divine healing consciousness.  Reiki has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure and promote relaxation in the body. This is one reason it is so effective in healing.

ImageI practiced Reiki before I was ever diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have continued my self treatments and have found that they are beneficial for relieving my short-term pain. in addition, Reiki has helped me to heal the root cause, magnetize resources for my well-being, and guide me to better health.

Reiki is passed on through a lineage of Reiki masters (like me!). When you receive in attunement from one of these masters, your hands are activated to transfer healing energy.  Reiki can be used to treat others, but it is very important to use it to treat yourself for the deepest healing. Generally, beginning Reiki practitioners are taught a series of hand positions for self treatment and advised to practice them daily.

With rheumatoid arthritis, the hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and other joints may become inflamed, painful, and stiff.  When my disease was at its worst, I could not use the Imagestandard hand positions because I could not bend my body in order to reach each part.  Fortunately, the divine consciousness that guides Reiki understands your intention. If you are not able to move your hand, simply intend that the Reiki flow wherever it is needed and know that that will occur. You do not have to be able to physically touch any part of your body in order for it to receive the grace of Reiki.

Reiki also guides you to address the deeper root causes of your condition. In my case, layers of emotional scarring had built up to create the physical pain I was experiencing.  Reiki gently brought each obstruction to my awareness so that I was able to process and release it, and over time, my pain has nearly vanished.

In addition, every Reiki practitioner has a team of healing guides that are connected to spiritual healing consciousness. These guides make every effort to help us become healthier and are able to answer any questions that we have. The connection to Reiki enhances our natural intuitive ability, so we become adept at recognizing messages from our guides. My healing guides directed me to the Paleo diet and literature on healing leaky gut syndrome (like this book, Arthritis: Allergy, Nutrition, & the Environment). Following their guidelines and doing an elimination diet has further reduced my swelling and inflammation and contributed to my long-term healing.

Reiki also lets us address ancestral contributions or past-life patterns that may be contributing to our current ill-being.  Often, we hold ancestral patterns that have been passed down through generations that contribute to states of disease.  Or we may have lessons from past-life experiences we have carried over into this one.  I have had several self-healing sessions where a seemingly random memory of this lifetime or past lifetimes has resurfaced along with an emotional release that allowed me to heal.  Reiki II comes with a symbol that is roughly translated as “no past, no present, no future.” This symbol lets the practitioner sending Imagehealing energy to any past life influences or root causes in this life that have contributed to the disease, as well as any future imbalances that might occur. This enhances the healing process.

Reiki can also enhance any medications, supplements, herbs, or treatments that you might take. Before using the medicine or treatment, charge it with Reiki. This will purify it, bless it, and ensure that you receive the highest good from the activity. Sending Reiki to your doctor’s appointments will help you to get the most out of the appointment as well as the most benevolent and well suited practitioner for your needs.

Any disease is a spiritual call for self-discovery.  Reiki helps relieve temporary symptoms while promoting deeper healing on all levels. This gentle healing energy can also enhance other options that you explore. Dealing with rheumatoid arthritis or any other disease is not easy, but Reiki can help.