Permission, Free Will, & Healing Work

Is it possible to send healing to an individual without their consent?  Can sending Reiki without permission cause harm?  What happens if you send energy and it is refused?  How can you tailor your practice to ensure that you are using your healing power in full integrity and according to divine will?  These are all important questions for any lightworker to confront.

ImageMost energy healers have a strong desire to help others, and few of us can resist sending healing light to the multitude of individuals we encounter throughout our day.  This is definitely a noble desire; still, it is important to realize that not everyone is willing or ready to receive healing from us.  Just as trespassing on private property violates human law, operating without an individual’s consent on the spiritual planes can violate sacred law.  We can take steps to establish permission and set pure intentions so that our healing truly serves the highest good of all, and not just our own perception of what the world needs (as beautiful as that vision might be!).

Reiki, a divinely guided loving energy, cannot violate another’s free will and always flows in a way that serves the highest good.  Because of this, it is always safe to send Reiki, just as it is safe to pray for another being.  Still, sending Reiki does not necessarily mean that it will be received.  Sometimes people have a higher purpose behind their experience.  On an unconscious or soul level, they might have chosen to experience ill health, difficulties, and even death to learn an important lesson or to help others learn important lessons.  Or, an individual simply may not be ready to “let go” of a dynamic that they feel is serving them.  No matter how much healing you send these people, nothing will change because they are committed to their current paradigm.

It is simple to establish permission when you are working with clients or individuals who seek out your help.  But how can you gain consent for a person who has not approached you or who is far away?  One technique involves connecting with their Higher Self.  This approach has the added benefit that you can ask their Higher Self for guidance on what will be most healing for the individual.

Meditation for Permission from Another’s Higher Self

Image1) Ground yourself and see yourself centered and full of light as you relax and breathe deeply.

2) Imagine a silver cord growing up from the top of your head.  Follow this cord up and connect with your own Higher Self.  Take a moment to feel her or his love for you, as your physical form merges with your Higher Self’s etheric form.

3) See the individual you are interested in sending healing to in your mind’s eye, and imagine their Higher Self floating above them.

4) Approach their Higher Self with your own.  Ask if you have their permission to send healing and take note of any visuals, thoughts, feelings, or sensations that you receive.  Ask for clarity if you are unsure.  You might imagine a traffic light.  If the signal is green, go ahead.  If it is yellow, use caution.  And if it is red, do not send healing.  Or try to see their face and physical motions.  Do they look happy if you suggest sending healing?  Or do they wave their hands as if to shoo you off?  This will indicate their readiness to receive.

5) If they grant you permission, ask them how they would like to receive healing, if there is a particular issue they need help with, if there is a particular technique you can use, and any other questions you might have.  Take note of the response and trust your intuition.  If they do not grant you permission, accept that and do not try to force healing.  You can always check in at a later date, as their opinion may change.

6) Thank their Higher Self and let it know you will send healing.  Draw down from your own Higher Self back into your body and ground into the present moment.

This meditation will give you a clear idea of whether another soul is open to receive healing and how they would like to receive it.  Operating in this way, you can respect the boundaries and free will of another individual in your Reiki practice.

Also, it is valuable to send Reiki to another person’s Higher Self (rather than to a particular problem that you perceive), because the individual’s Higher Self knows how to dispense the energy in a way that serves their highest good.  Of course, this is not always the way you would imagine healing needs to take place.

ImageWhen you send Reiki to another soul, you can also intend that if the energy is rejected, it is sent to heal the earth or to empower the Reiki world peace grid.  The energy may be immediately accepted, declined, or held until the person is ready.  Setting this intention means the love you send will not be wasted and will not violate another’s free will.

So, check in with the Higher Self of any individual you wish to send healing to, and create a clear intention so that you do not waste your power on someone who is not willing to receive your love.  We all have free will on this planet, and it is essential as lightworkers that we respect each other and surrender our small-minded conceptions of what another person needs.  In this way, we can truly be a healing presence for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

The Power of Limiting Belief Systems

Strong belief systems can significantly impact our ability to navigate the world in full alignment with our divine purpose. Spirit is always trying to show us the highest path for our lifetime here on earth, but God respects our free will and will not impinge on it. Like a rebellious teenager, we can make choices that are contrary to God’s plan for us even though we do not see it at the time, all thanks to powerful belief structures that limit our vision.

Blinding Belief System

I fought rheumatoid arthritis naturally for 18 months and refused pharmaceutical treatment in large part due to my strong belief that the Western medical model is greedy and toxic. And while I did learn that there are many natural things I can do that help alleviate pain and increase mobility, ultimately I made things harder for myself because I did not accept Western treatment. My joints have become deformed, and it is almost impossible for me to walk.  My rheumatologist told me he has not seen anyone in his practice whose body has been as ravaged by the disease in years because everyone else is now taking modern medicine.  Now that is a bitter pill to swallow, especially because I have felt divinely guided in my healing approach.

Initially, when I was offered pharmaceutical treatment, I prayed about it and was given the guidance to pursue natural treatment. So, I looked at diet, lifestyle changes, alternative healing modalities, supplements, and held the faith that I was healing. Although my decision was controversial for many, I stubbornly held to it as I saw small improveImagements in my health and had read stories about others who had gone into remission thanks to various diets or other changes.

But underlying my decision was a strong belief that Western medicine was wrong and that Western doctors were pill pushers more interested in profit than in true healing. I had a hard time trusting even my holistic doctor and an even harder time accepting that I might not know everything I need to know to create good health for myself. Because I had this belief system, I would naturally gravitate toward resources that enforced it––rants about Big Pharma, horror stories about detrimental side effects, and celebrations from individuals who had healed naturally. I figured anyone who supported the Western model had been brainwashed or lacked faith.

But after my dad insisted that I meet with a rheumatologist, my resistance broke down. It became clear that what I was doing was not very effective. Despite my best efforts at healing on all levels, my body continued to attack itself and my joints refused normal operation. As I prayed in the waiting room, God told me to start pharmaceutical treatment.

A New Perspective on ‘Big Pharma’

I have absolute faith in God, but was still hesitant to make such a radical shift in my approach to healing. My holistic doctor gave me a call and told me that he agreed with the rheumatologist that the disease is worse than the medicine, and I began to cry, releasing all my frustrations at haImageving failed at natural treatment. I told my dad I would try a new medicine, and he was very relieved. Even though the medicine is very expensive, he pointed out that it is very risky to research and create new medicines, so the cost in some ways is not representative of the effort. All of a sudden, I could see how the pharmaceutical industry is wealthy not necessarily because they are greedy, but because finding medicines that improve our health and extend our life is incredibly important and in many ways the ultimate investment for us as a species. Of course people are willing to pay for help!

Most of all, I was amazed to see how my strongly structured belief system that preferred natural medicine prevented me from being open to other forms of healing. All of a sudden, I felt supported rather than repressed by the fact that Western treatment has scientific data to back it up, something that is sorely lacking with alternative treatments. And instead of feeling fearful about needing to receive regular blood work, now I feel relieved that I will be getting good health care and am more likely to find out about something that is wrong early because I am connected to doctors.

I am proud of myself for my ability to gather all of my inner resources to confront this disease without needing to depend on external authority. I am also grateful that I can let go of the belief system that prevented me from being open to Western medicine to begin with. Now that I have joint deformities and can barely walk, it is clear to me that the side effects are indeed nothing compared to the effects of the disease. Before, I did not understand that at all.

Beliefs Blocking God’s Assistance

The whole thing reminds me of the story about the couple that prays for God to save them from the flood, but when emergency workers arrive in boats and helicopters, they turn them away, saying that God will save them. Ultimately, they end up dying and when they get the other side they ask God why he abandoned them. He tells them he sent a boat, he sent the helicopter, and they did not accept the help.

In my case, God sent scientists with skill to develop and investigate new medicines. He sent the technology to x-ray my body and study my blood. He sent generations of people who have suffered with my disease who were willing to experiment with different treatments so that people in the future would not have to suffer in the same way. There is something really meaningful to that that I did not have the ability to see before.

So, I am hopeful about trying a new medicine. I am also on the lookout for strImageong belief systems that might prevent me from truly embracing the world as God created it. Have you ever experienced a block from a belief system that you have?

Parents Convicted of Murder for Prayer Treatment

One more thing: in this case, I am luckier than these parents, who relied on prayer entirely to help their daughter with diabetes. Instead of seeking out medical treatment, they continually prayed, and so their daughter died a painful death for a disease that is now manageable due to modern medicine. They were actually prosecuted and found guilty of second-degree homicide. In my case, at least my decisions have only affected myself and not any innocent bystanders! I wish everyone out there great luck in discerning the right course of treatment for any health problems you might have…