Boundaries & Healing, Part 3: Boundary Violations

We now understand the concept of boundaries from Part 1, and in Part 2, we completed a meditation to establish firm boundaries.  Today we will look at boundary violations.  What is a boundary violation?  How can you recognize one?

ImageA boundary violation occurs any time an individual or entity fails to respect or disregards your boundaries.  Just like laws vary by country, boundaries vary by individual.  So, an action (like cussing) that violates one person’s boundary might be perfectly acceptable or even desired by another.  For this reason, it is important to practice humility and awareness when interacting with others.

Your emotional state will indicate if your boundary has been violated.  In Language of Emotions, Karla McLaren describes how our emotions clue us in to boundary invasion.  So-called “toxic” emotions, such as anger, guilt, or shame, often indicate a boundary violation.

“Creating a strong boundary around yourself and becoming aware of your personal proprioceptive territory can be difficult because the condition of our personal boundary is intimately connected to many of the supposedly troublesome emotions.  As a direct result, many of us don’t have a good connection to the boundary-restoring anger and shame that could help us revitalize our personal space….” (McLaren, “Language of Emotions,” 137.)

According to McLaren, anger indicates that your boundary is being invaded from the outside, and is a call to fortify your boundary.  When anger arises, she recommends that youImage ask what must be protected or restored. Guilt or authentic shame indicate that you are violating your boundaries internally (or harming yourself).  If you experience these emotions, ask who has been hurt?  What must be made right? By being self-aware, you can better understand your emotional cues and take action to end a boundary violation.

In addition, you might feel uncomfortable, ill-at-ease, or start questioning yourself or the situation.  Do thoughts about that one guy keep bothering you?  Did you feel queasy about something that happened at work?  These are signs that something is not right as far as your boundaries are concerned.

This post is part 3 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 4 will look at examples of boundary violations on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Until then, pay attention to your emotions.  Notice any anger, guilt, or shame and try to assess the boundary that has been violated.



Boundaries & Healing, Part 1: What Are Boundaries?

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is pivotal for anyone doing healing work on themselves or others.  Many who are Imagedrawn to healing have big, generous hearts but find that others take advantage of their kindness.  Boundaries help us to distinguish ourselves from others and declare what energies we are willing to allow into our lives and which we refuse.  This allows us to stay safe and healthy so that we can actualize our mission to serve others.

Because we hold soul memories of oneness, it can seem odd to declare that we are separate from others or that we have particular needs.  But, lightworkers on this planet must learn to channel high frequency light in a way that honors the dense natural laws of the earth.  On earth, we work with time and material resources in the context of a cultural space that has its own structure and assumptions.  As much as we would like to see the world as being full of light and love, it can be a dangerous place, and it is naive to think that everyone has a pure intention.  We must guard our time, our physical resources, and our psychic space so that we can maximize our potential as healers.  Boundaries help us to do this.

Our boundaries function like a gatekeeper.  Ideally, the gatekeeper will allow in friendly energies and reject harmful energies.  But, many of us have adopted detrimental beliefs that undermine our sense of self and disempower us.  We may have grown accustomed to mistreatment or resigned ourselves to a life that is less than ideal due to these unconscious or subconscious failure patterns.  Because of this, our internal gatekeeper may allow harmful energies into our space and might also keep out beneficial ones!

But as we grow in self-awareness, we can begin to build boundaries that truly serve our highest good.  This post is part 1 in a multi-part series on boundaries and healing.  Part 2 will look at how we can establish effective boundaries.  In the meantime, consider what are your boundaries?  What experiences is your internal gatekeeper allowing into your life, and which is it rejecting?  Is this in alignment with your true needs and Spirit’s will for you?

Permission, Free Will, & Healing Work

Is it possible to send healing to an individual without their consent?  Can sending Reiki without permission cause harm?  What happens if you send energy and it is refused?  How can you tailor your practice to ensure that you are using your healing power in full integrity and according to divine will?  These are all important questions for any lightworker to confront.

ImageMost energy healers have a strong desire to help others, and few of us can resist sending healing light to the multitude of individuals we encounter throughout our day.  This is definitely a noble desire; still, it is important to realize that not everyone is willing or ready to receive healing from us.  Just as trespassing on private property violates human law, operating without an individual’s consent on the spiritual planes can violate sacred law.  We can take steps to establish permission and set pure intentions so that our healing truly serves the highest good of all, and not just our own perception of what the world needs (as beautiful as that vision might be!).

Reiki, a divinely guided loving energy, cannot violate another’s free will and always flows in a way that serves the highest good.  Because of this, it is always safe to send Reiki, just as it is safe to pray for another being.  Still, sending Reiki does not necessarily mean that it will be received.  Sometimes people have a higher purpose behind their experience.  On an unconscious or soul level, they might have chosen to experience ill health, difficulties, and even death to learn an important lesson or to help others learn important lessons.  Or, an individual simply may not be ready to “let go” of a dynamic that they feel is serving them.  No matter how much healing you send these people, nothing will change because they are committed to their current paradigm.

It is simple to establish permission when you are working with clients or individuals who seek out your help.  But how can you gain consent for a person who has not approached you or who is far away?  One technique involves connecting with their Higher Self.  This approach has the added benefit that you can ask their Higher Self for guidance on what will be most healing for the individual.

Meditation for Permission from Another’s Higher Self

Image1) Ground yourself and see yourself centered and full of light as you relax and breathe deeply.

2) Imagine a silver cord growing up from the top of your head.  Follow this cord up and connect with your own Higher Self.  Take a moment to feel her or his love for you, as your physical form merges with your Higher Self’s etheric form.

3) See the individual you are interested in sending healing to in your mind’s eye, and imagine their Higher Self floating above them.

4) Approach their Higher Self with your own.  Ask if you have their permission to send healing and take note of any visuals, thoughts, feelings, or sensations that you receive.  Ask for clarity if you are unsure.  You might imagine a traffic light.  If the signal is green, go ahead.  If it is yellow, use caution.  And if it is red, do not send healing.  Or try to see their face and physical motions.  Do they look happy if you suggest sending healing?  Or do they wave their hands as if to shoo you off?  This will indicate their readiness to receive.

5) If they grant you permission, ask them how they would like to receive healing, if there is a particular issue they need help with, if there is a particular technique you can use, and any other questions you might have.  Take note of the response and trust your intuition.  If they do not grant you permission, accept that and do not try to force healing.  You can always check in at a later date, as their opinion may change.

6) Thank their Higher Self and let it know you will send healing.  Draw down from your own Higher Self back into your body and ground into the present moment.

This meditation will give you a clear idea of whether another soul is open to receive healing and how they would like to receive it.  Operating in this way, you can respect the boundaries and free will of another individual in your Reiki practice.

Also, it is valuable to send Reiki to another person’s Higher Self (rather than to a particular problem that you perceive), because the individual’s Higher Self knows how to dispense the energy in a way that serves their highest good.  Of course, this is not always the way you would imagine healing needs to take place.

ImageWhen you send Reiki to another soul, you can also intend that if the energy is rejected, it is sent to heal the earth or to empower the Reiki world peace grid.  The energy may be immediately accepted, declined, or held until the person is ready.  Setting this intention means the love you send will not be wasted and will not violate another’s free will.

So, check in with the Higher Self of any individual you wish to send healing to, and create a clear intention so that you do not waste your power on someone who is not willing to receive your love.  We all have free will on this planet, and it is essential as lightworkers that we respect each other and surrender our small-minded conceptions of what another person needs.  In this way, we can truly be a healing presence for ourselves, our communities, and our world.

What Is A Shamanic Journey?

What Is Shamanism?

Shamanism, which involves entering an altered state of consciousness to connect to the spiritual realm, is the world’s oldest Imagespiritual practice.  Individual and societal practices vary greatly in form, but the essence is the same among all traditions throughout time.

Michael Harner, founder of the Foundation for Shamanism Studies, discovered these core methods after decades of anthropological fieldwork and firsthand experience.  The shamanic drum journey is one core practice.

What Is A Shamanic Journey?

Shamanic drumming is a simple technique that can be used for many things.  I have gone on shamanic journeys to heal outdated beliefs, gather information about illness, change the Akashic records, heal my ancestral lineage, learn spiritual truths, connect with animal totems and spirit guides, and more It is a powerful, safe, and simple technique that you can do in the privacy of your own home.  Like all techniques, you will get better at shamanic journeying with practice.

The journey does not imply physical travel, but rather takes place in the practitioner’s mind or inner realms, in a space between the world of spirit and the world of the ordinary.

ImageShamanism centers around the idea of a world tree, a tree of life, with a lower, middle, and upper world.  This tree has its roots in an underworld, our unconscious and subconscious mind and the realm of nature spirits.  The middle world, or trunk of the tree, spans the spiritual reality of our everyday experience on earth.  The upper world is connected to our spiritual guides, the Hall of Akashic Records, the star brethren, and our higher self.

A practitioner uses rhythmic drumming to enter into a trance state and meet with an animal guide who will assist the individual on their journey.  Sandra Ingerman’s book, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide, is a classic introduction to the technique.  It includes a drumming CD so you can explore journeys in the comfort of your own home.  Shamanism Canada has an online mp3 that can be used for personal journeys as well.

I will be posting more about shamanic journeys in the future.  I have found journeying to be inspiring, illuminating, and healing.

Healing with Reiki Drumming

Reiki can enhance the healing power of any instrument or musical performance.  I have used it frequently to empower my percussion performances so that the audience experiences states like bliss, joy, and love.

ImageI was at a festival when I first realized that I might have what is called the bard gift: “the ability to utilize, increase, and return the energy of an audience such that their emotional states are altered to what the Bard is sending. In a strong Gift, the audience will see visions of the subject matter of the song or instrumental piece.”

Dozens of people were sitting around a fire and drumming in a drum circle.  I decided to hold an intention for the group and see how the drumming changed.  When I thought “Happiness,” the rhythm and energy became joyful.  If I thought, “Frantic,” we sped up.  As a sort of joke, I thought “Orgasmic,” and the drums continued for a second, then everyone stopped playing at the same time, as if they had just had some type of catharsis.

Later, when I was attuned to Reiki, I decided to send distance Reiki to every performance and intend that Reiki flow powerfully through me to bless and heal the audience in the way that served the highest good.  I would also mentally call on the four directions and Great Spirit to be present and create sacred space for the performance.

I quickly realized that when I did this, I could feel the crowd’s energy in my body.  I knew instinctively to play the drum (or actually, inImage this case, metal bowl) until the energy felt good, joyful, and light in myself.  Every environment was slightly different, but people always felt something special about my performance.  One friend who is clairvoyant said she could see rainbow beams of light emanating from my bowl.  I also made sure to use the distance symbol to offer the energy generated from the performance to the Reiki world peace grid so that through our enjoyment, we were helping to heal the planet.

You receive the connection to the healing symbols, like the distance symbol, power symbol, and mental/emotional healing symbol, through a Reiki II attunement, which I offer in the Dallas area.  These symbols greatly enhance musical magick!

The one time I had some trouble raising the energy was when almost everyone seemed really wasted.  Try as I might, I could not get the energy anywhere near bliss.  I had to settle with contentment. 🙂

I am also amazed at the difference in my skill when I use the power symbol to charge my drum before I play.  I just trace it on top of the drum head and let myself go.  The music is always better when I do this, as if some etheric drum teachers are helping me play beyond my true ability.

So, try using Reiki and sacred intention to empower your own musical performances!  It is fascinating to see how it works.  If you play a woodwind, you could trace Reiki symbols on your palette with your tongue, then imagine you are sending Reiki out with each breath.  For string instruments, charge the strings, the bow or pick, and your case.  Draw Reiki symbols on the keyboard of your piano.  The possibilities are endless!

What Reiki Does (and Does Not) Do

Over the past seven years, I have experimented with Reiki and learned a lot about what this healing energy does and does not do.  Based on my personal experience, I can tell you that Reiki does:

  • Lower blood pressure – I practice Reiki every day, and my doctor’s office was astonished at my low blood pressure.  Apparently this is rare!  A scientific study of Reiki has confirmed this effect.
  • Make life more pleasant – When I used the distance healing symbol to send Reiki to an upcoming job interview, I could immediately feel the special presence of the divine energy when I set foot on the campus, and even though I did not get the job, it was one of the best interviews I’ve had!  Reiki blesses practitioners with blissful mind states and an ever-present joy that you carry with you at all times.  It can even enhance colors and make nature look more beautiful.  Other people feel my energy field as well and say they feel more peaceful and calm around me (even if I feel differently within myself!).
  • Help with pain – When I have menstrual cramps, 10 minutes of Reiki helps relieve the pain.  I’ve seen headaches vanish or other physical pains go away after a quick Reiki treatment.  When I sent distance Reiki to a dental appointment, I did not need pain medication even though I had major work done.  Reiki has also helped me address emotional, mental, and spiritual causes of my arthritis pain.  I have seen pain vanish after I realize the emotional root and offer positive affirmations.Image
  • Heal animals – I offered Reiki to a cat that was not eating or drinking.  I dialogued with the animal and asked it what kind of treatment it needed.  It gave me a clear idea of the proper diet and told me it wanted to see the vet.  I could tell the animal needed more Reiki than I had time for, so I gave the owner a Reiki-charged candle to burn.  Once the candle burned down, the cat had returned to eating and drinking, and the owner was very happy.
  • Manifest the highest good – Reiki has helped me find housing, jobs, clients, opportunities, resources, and more.  Sometimes Reiki brings me something better than I would have ever imagined (like when I had a stint in a kirtan band in Albuquerque).
  • Open up psychic abilities – I did not have a clue about intuition or our natural psychic powers before my Reiki attunement.  Now I am constantly amazed at new skills and perceptions that open up.
  • Bless and cleanse a space – I can physically feel the difference when I walk into a home that has been blessed with Reiki, and others pick up on it as well.  Reiki creates a really peaceful, soothing sensation and can cleanse spaces.
  • Empower food – When I use Reiki symbols in the food I cook, I can literally see that the vital life force has been enhanced.  I’ve also seen a pendulum used to show how food vitality increases after Reiki treatment.  People really love my Reiki salads!

Although Reiki is powerful, i have discovered there are some things Reiki does not do:

  • Prevent death – Several animals I have treated with Reiki crossed over after the treatment. Image One dog even told me it wanted to go to the vet, knowing that meant it would be put to sleep.  I’ve also had Reiki-charged plants die.
  • Prevent illness and disability – Unfortunately, I developed rheumatoid arthritis several years after my Reiki attunement.  Of course, I can see RA as a healing presence if I am in the right mindset, but still, being attuned to Reiki did not prevent disease from entering my life, nor did it prevent physical disability and joint deformity in my case.
  • Cause harm – Reiki never causes harm.  The outcome of using Reiki may be different than what you’d expect, but the energy itself is pure love.
  • Consistently create instantaneous miracles – I’ve heard others have experienced miracles with Reiki, but I have not seen any healings of biblical proportions myself.
  • Always do what you think it will – When a friend and I had car problems on a road trip, I started sending Reiki to the vehicle.  As soon as the Reiki began flowing, the car started sounding worse!  Eventually an entire part of the car fell off, and it drove better.  That was definitely not the result I was expecting.  I also sent Reiki to a family member’s surgery, and she experienced a mishap during the event.  I thought Reiki would not allow such a thing, but it did for whatever reason.  Still, she was lucky that a specialist was right next door who could correct the error.
  • Help others if they are not willing to receive – Some people do not want to be healed of whatever ailment they are experiencing, and Reiki will not change that.  We all have free will, and sometimes disease serves a purpose in the life of an individual.

Reiki is a really great energy and healing modality, but it does not always operate in a predictable way.  What has Reiki done — or not done — for you?

Heal Our World through Energy Work

Although Light has already won the battle for the souls on this planet, wImagee currently stand in a time of transition where this may not be immediately apparent.  Many souls in the collective are trapped in fear and illusion, and it can seem that the planet has fallen into chaos if you get caught in this energy.  As lightworkers, we have a choice to come from love, which is spiritual truth, or to come from fear, which is illusion.

As our connection to Source deepens, we begin to radiate love and experience the truth of love as the power driving the universe.  We experience abundance and prosperity flowing from a higher power and know that this loving source will guide us Imageand protect us on our earth walk.  We are no longer susceptible to human manipulations that try to enforce ideas of scarcity or powerlessness.  We cultivate our capacity to rise above mass hypnosis and cultural control through meditating and aligning with higher consciousness.  We begin to receive our guidance from Great Spirit instead of TV or destructive mass thoughtforms.

Lightworkers have been holding space for true peace, true prosperity, and tImagerue love on the planet for countless generations.  We have built the energetic architecture for a sustainable future filled with wellbeing.  You can check with your inner knowing and feel that this is true.  We are truly walking into a time of flourishing for humanity, a time when the collective consciousness evolves to hold higher vibrations of love, compassion, healing, gratitude, prosperity, and peace.

What is physically manifest now is a reflection of the spiritual architecture laid by previous generations.  We have built diverse societies, decreased violence, opened our hearts and minds, and Imagelearned so much.  What will come to pass will similarly reflect the healing intentions we put forth each day.  In this moment we have the opportunity to continue assisting the planet in its ascension process by consciously sending Reiki, lovingkindness, and light to all corners of the earth. Do not get caught by fears of the collective or by illusions that undermine our spiritual power on the planet.  Continue to resonate with the highest truth and see all beings and all experiences through the eyes of love.

Meditation to Heal Collective Consciousness

1) Ground and center yourself, focusing on your breath.  Set the intention to offer healing to the collective consciousness.

2) Begin by visualizing your immediate environment.  Mentally go through your home and fill it with light.  As light of love, joy, and prosperity enters your domicile, it erases and clears any detrimental energy in your space.  Feel and know that it is so.

3) Zoom out to your neighborhood.  Imagine a powerful spiritual grid of light Imagesurrounding the neighborhood.  See clouds of fear or violence dissolving in pure spiritual light.  See the souls in the neighborhood filled with power and purpose.  Continue adjusting until it feels complete.

4) Now see your entire city and continue the process.  Imagine the light of peace filling the community.  Zoom out to your state, your nation, and finally the planet and repeat the process.  Use your imagination to bless and heal any discordant energy that arises.  You may feel it, see it, sense it, hear it, or smell it.  Use your personal power to transmute it until the scene looks and feels ‘right.’

5) Thank your spiritual helpers for continuing to hold these high vibrations for the planet and consciously ground your energy, rooting deep into the earth.  Repeat often!

Reiki Self Healing for Rheumatoid Arthritis

 With some modifications, Reiki can provide pain relief and deep healing for rheumatoid arthritis.  Reiki is a Japanese hands-on healing technique that allows the practitioner to access a divine healing consciousness.  Reiki has been clinically shown to lower blood pressure and promote relaxation in the body. This is one reason it is so effective in healing.

ImageI practiced Reiki before I was ever diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I have continued my self treatments and have found that they are beneficial for relieving my short-term pain. in addition, Reiki has helped me to heal the root cause, magnetize resources for my well-being, and guide me to better health.

Reiki is passed on through a lineage of Reiki masters (like me!). When you receive in attunement from one of these masters, your hands are activated to transfer healing energy.  Reiki can be used to treat others, but it is very important to use it to treat yourself for the deepest healing. Generally, beginning Reiki practitioners are taught a series of hand positions for self treatment and advised to practice them daily.

With rheumatoid arthritis, the hands, wrists, elbows, knees, ankles, and other joints may become inflamed, painful, and stiff.  When my disease was at its worst, I could not use the Imagestandard hand positions because I could not bend my body in order to reach each part.  Fortunately, the divine consciousness that guides Reiki understands your intention. If you are not able to move your hand, simply intend that the Reiki flow wherever it is needed and know that that will occur. You do not have to be able to physically touch any part of your body in order for it to receive the grace of Reiki.

Reiki also guides you to address the deeper root causes of your condition. In my case, layers of emotional scarring had built up to create the physical pain I was experiencing.  Reiki gently brought each obstruction to my awareness so that I was able to process and release it, and over time, my pain has nearly vanished.

In addition, every Reiki practitioner has a team of healing guides that are connected to spiritual healing consciousness. These guides make every effort to help us become healthier and are able to answer any questions that we have. The connection to Reiki enhances our natural intuitive ability, so we become adept at recognizing messages from our guides. My healing guides directed me to the Paleo diet and literature on healing leaky gut syndrome (like this book, Arthritis: Allergy, Nutrition, & the Environment). Following their guidelines and doing an elimination diet has further reduced my swelling and inflammation and contributed to my long-term healing.

Reiki also lets us address ancestral contributions or past-life patterns that may be contributing to our current ill-being.  Often, we hold ancestral patterns that have been passed down through generations that contribute to states of disease.  Or we may have lessons from past-life experiences we have carried over into this one.  I have had several self-healing sessions where a seemingly random memory of this lifetime or past lifetimes has resurfaced along with an emotional release that allowed me to heal.  Reiki II comes with a symbol that is roughly translated as “no past, no present, no future.” This symbol lets the practitioner sending Imagehealing energy to any past life influences or root causes in this life that have contributed to the disease, as well as any future imbalances that might occur. This enhances the healing process.

Reiki can also enhance any medications, supplements, herbs, or treatments that you might take. Before using the medicine or treatment, charge it with Reiki. This will purify it, bless it, and ensure that you receive the highest good from the activity. Sending Reiki to your doctor’s appointments will help you to get the most out of the appointment as well as the most benevolent and well suited practitioner for your needs.

Any disease is a spiritual call for self-discovery.  Reiki helps relieve temporary symptoms while promoting deeper healing on all levels. This gentle healing energy can also enhance other options that you explore. Dealing with rheumatoid arthritis or any other disease is not easy, but Reiki can help.

Psychic Housekeeping for Your Energy Body

Aura_ChakraWhen you work with energy, whether as a healer, psychic, spiritual seeker, or magician, it is essential to establish a strong sense of your own energy body and to keep it clean.   Not only will this increase your health and well-being, but you will begin to experience the world around you in new and exciting ways as your sensitivity increases.

Chakra Colors & Associations

The energy body has been explored by many cultures, and so there are many versions of maps to the auric field out there. One of the most useful is the seven chakra system.  These energy vortices run from the bottom of our spine to the top of our head. They create a rainbow, and each chakra governs particular functions.

chakrasThe red root chakra, located at the base of the spine, handles survival and is our foundation here on earth. The orange sacral chakra resides at the belly and governs emotion, relationship, and sexuality. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and relates to personal power and autonomy. The green heart chakra covers love and compassion. The blue throat chakra handles expression and communication.  The indigo third eye chakra governs intuition and psychic faculties. The violet/purple/white crown chakra lies at the top of the head and is our divine connection, pure consciousness, and awareness.

Meditation to Clean, Bless, and Heal the Chakras

It is possible to feel each chakra within your energy system.  You can also use your psychic vision to see each energy vortex to ascertain its health and well-being. This meditation will guide you to cleanse, bless, and heal each chakra so that you are operating at optimal power.

(1)chakra-cleansing Begin by centering yourself with a few deep breaths.  Concentrate on feeling the red chakra at the base of your spine and imagine that roots extend from this energy center deep into the earth. See the earth’s healing energy pulsing into this chakra. Take note of how it is spinning. Which direction is it turning? Is it moving slowly or quickly? Ask your spirit guides to restore its ideal spin and feel the sensation in your body.

(2) Investigate the color of the chakra. Is it bright and vibrant? Are there clouds of dullness around it?  Do any images arise as you psychically see the chakra?  Imagine that you are painting it or washing it clean until it shines vibrantly, and take note of any images you see associated with it. These are clues that you can use to heal yourself.

(3) When you feel the chakra is healthy and vibrant, imagine a white beam of light rising up into your sacral chakra. Repeat the previous steps for this energy center, and continue up the spine to investigate your yellow solar plexus chakra,  green heart chakra, blue throat chakra, indigo third eye chakra, and violet crown chakra.

images(4) As you do this exercise, you may experience emotional release or otherwise feel energies moving in and through your body. Know that this is healing, cleansing, and blessing you. The world will look different when you are done with this process.  To end the cleansing meditation, imagine your aura encompassing your body and feel it deeply. Ask that your spiritual helpers restore it to its pure vitality. See it in your mind’s eye and take note of any rips or tears or any areas of discoloration in your auric field.  Imagine that you are repairing these disruptions and dissolving any energies that no longer serve you.

(5) Finally, fill your field with purifying light and  imagine a protective boundary at the edge of your aura. This will prevent disturbing energies from entering your space so that you maintain peace and equanimity.

You can repeat this psychic housekeeping process each day or as needed. The more often you do it, the more in tune you will be with how your energy system functions, and you will be able to easily address any problems that might arise.

Reiki & Goddess Spirituality


Reiki and goddess spirituality are complementary practices. You can send Reiki to healing goddesses like Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Gaia, and Kundalini Shakti and receive the blessing of embodying their characteristics in return. these powerful goddesses are holding energies of compassion, love, transformation, and healing for the collective.