Heal Our World through Energy Work

Although Light has already won the battle for the souls on this planet, wImagee currently stand in a time of transition where this may not be immediately apparent.  Many souls in the collective are trapped in fear and illusion, and it can seem that the planet has fallen into chaos if you get caught in this energy.  As lightworkers, we have a choice to come from love, which is spiritual truth, or to come from fear, which is illusion.

As our connection to Source deepens, we begin to radiate love and experience the truth of love as the power driving the universe.  We experience abundance and prosperity flowing from a higher power and know that this loving source will guide us Imageand protect us on our earth walk.  We are no longer susceptible to human manipulations that try to enforce ideas of scarcity or powerlessness.  We cultivate our capacity to rise above mass hypnosis and cultural control through meditating and aligning with higher consciousness.  We begin to receive our guidance from Great Spirit instead of TV or destructive mass thoughtforms.

Lightworkers have been holding space for true peace, true prosperity, and tImagerue love on the planet for countless generations.  We have built the energetic architecture for a sustainable future filled with wellbeing.  You can check with your inner knowing and feel that this is true.  We are truly walking into a time of flourishing for humanity, a time when the collective consciousness evolves to hold higher vibrations of love, compassion, healing, gratitude, prosperity, and peace.

What is physically manifest now is a reflection of the spiritual architecture laid by previous generations.  We have built diverse societies, decreased violence, opened our hearts and minds, and Imagelearned so much.  What will come to pass will similarly reflect the healing intentions we put forth each day.  In this moment we have the opportunity to continue assisting the planet in its ascension process by consciously sending Reiki, lovingkindness, and light to all corners of the earth. Do not get caught by fears of the collective or by illusions that undermine our spiritual power on the planet.  Continue to resonate with the highest truth and see all beings and all experiences through the eyes of love.

Meditation to Heal Collective Consciousness

1) Ground and center yourself, focusing on your breath.  Set the intention to offer healing to the collective consciousness.

2) Begin by visualizing your immediate environment.  Mentally go through your home and fill it with light.  As light of love, joy, and prosperity enters your domicile, it erases and clears any detrimental energy in your space.  Feel and know that it is so.

3) Zoom out to your neighborhood.  Imagine a powerful spiritual grid of light Imagesurrounding the neighborhood.  See clouds of fear or violence dissolving in pure spiritual light.  See the souls in the neighborhood filled with power and purpose.  Continue adjusting until it feels complete.

4) Now see your entire city and continue the process.  Imagine the light of peace filling the community.  Zoom out to your state, your nation, and finally the planet and repeat the process.  Use your imagination to bless and heal any discordant energy that arises.  You may feel it, see it, sense it, hear it, or smell it.  Use your personal power to transmute it until the scene looks and feels ‘right.’

5) Thank your spiritual helpers for continuing to hold these high vibrations for the planet and consciously ground your energy, rooting deep into the earth.  Repeat often!