Make Your Own Tarot-Style Deck!

Making your own deck of oracle cards is an inexpensive and effective way to access the wisdom of Spirit.  Tarot cards have been used for centuries to get answers and assistance to help navigate everyday life and the spiritual path. 

I was filled with the inspiration to create my own deck of cards shortly after my spiritual awakening. At the time, I knew very little about how to read cards and barely trusted the process of divination. Still, for whatever reason, I found myself up all night crafting cards out of piles of old magazines.

The process was simple. I used a laminated playing card to trace a rectangle onto whatever images caught my eye and then cut them out. My deck has about 100 cards.  About a week after I made this deck,I discovered Jamie Sams’ book, “Medicine Cards,” at a thrift store and quickly realized I could use the spreads in the book to do readings. I began playing around with the cards and was amazed at the insight I was able to discover.

Because my deck did not come with any sort of interpretation device, I found myself  trusting my first impression of each card I saw. As I began giving readings to others, I quickly discovered that the images on the card act as access points to the subconscious and unconscious mind. Each individual projects exactly what Spirit wants them to see in that moment onto the card.

 I also realized that every detail became relevant when I did readings. Because I set sacred space, everything that happened was perfect and helped answer the querent’s question. An ambulance siren in the background forebode an alarming situation. The appearance of a blue jay offered an opportunity to look for metaphors that applied to this situation.

 Doing the readings with your own deck is relatively simple. You can develop a specific spread, where each card corresponds to part of the answer, or you can intuitively draw cards in no particular order to discern what is going on for the querent. I have found that I am most successful when I ask the person I am reading for to tell me what they see on the card. They inevitably reveal exactly what is important for the situation as they reveal their impression of the image.

 Over time and with practice, I have developed the ability to intuitively sense what is going on with each card and can add to their own impression using my psychic senses. Again, every detail is important. I pray before each reading and find that the way I phrase questions or responses is also revealing and relevant for the individual’s reading.

 I would encourage anyone who is interested in developing their own intuition by using an oracle to create their own deck. It is inexpensive and simple and can become a very personal and powerful psychic tool to help you navigate your path.  You even start to develop personal relationships with the images on the cards as they show up in your spreads over time.