Spirit Guides Can Help with Effective Time Management

Spiritual Messages Series

In this series, Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch discusses working with spirit guides to follow your divine purpose.  Jessica learned she was psychic after she received her Reiki attunement.  She teaches you to access your intuition in Connect with Your Guides, a Channeling How-To Series.  She also offers a monthly Channeling Circle where you can practice receiving spiritual messages and messages from your angels and guides.

We are powerful beings with so many gifts to offer that managing our time can quickly become Imageproblematic and stressful if we aren’t careful.  Fortunately, our angels and spirit guides are more than willing to assist us with our schedules.  And, the power of prayer can also help us create a balanced, yet productive life.

Two wonderful books provide detailed techniques for manifesting using spirit to assist with time management.

In Hiring the Heavens: A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation, Jean Slatter goes in depth about how to Imagecreate a team of spiritual allies to help with goals and projects.  As with managing a real-life business, you take time to decide what kind of support you need (perhaps a spiritual accountant to keep track of your income or a spiritual promoter to drive clients to you) and then send the request through prayer.  Slatter gives examples of how the exact resources she needed come in miraculous, easy, and simple ways when she works with her etheric team.  The process can be applied to anything from business goals to finding a romantic partner to organizing home repair.

Esther and Jerry Hicks provide the “Turning-it-over-to-the-Manager” process in Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires.  This process introduces us to the Universal ImageManager working continually on our behalf!  We can ask this manager to do anything for us, so long as we ask with positive expectation of the request being fulfilled.  You just provide the details of what you need (a new home, a plumber…) and when you need it by, and like any competent manager, the Universal Manager will provide it to you with divine timing!

Angels are also ready to help us with all of our needs, big or small.  In fact, it is part of the angelic path of service to provide assistance to humans, so the angels love to help!  Many of us are already aware of the power of asking for the angels to find parking spaces.  We can apply this to time management as well.  Ask the angels to field your phone calls so that you have ample personal time to replenish yourself.  Call on the angels to attract the right practitioner to you instead of looking through the phone book.  Tell the angels what you need to buy and follow their guidance to go straight to the perfect store.  Playing around with angel communication is quite fun, and the results are awesome and often astounding!

Finally, use prayer to relieve pressure.  When you feel stress coming, pray for relaxation and ease.  Ask that the limiting belief systems that created your schedule be lifted, and pray for a new mentality that allows you to be productive but also at peace.  Pray for the resources you need to more effectively manage your time and keep your eyes open to what comes.

dallas reiki master-teacherWant help channeling your Higher Self, angels, or spirit guides?  They have valuable information that can help you realize your mission on earth.  Dallas, TX Reiki master and clairvoyant medium Jessica Hitch teaches a course on channeling your spirit guides and offers a monthly channeling class where you can learn how to channel your spirit guides or Higher Self in a safe, supportive environment.  You can also learn simple techniques to communicate with angels in this blog post with video: How to Connect with Your Angels.


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How to Confirm Intuitive Guidance


How to Confirm Your Intuitive Guidance

Originally posted on May 15, 2012


At times, we may doubt our inner guidance as we walk our spiritual paths.  How can we confirm the messages we receive and distinguish between the voice of our ego and the voice of our higher self?  What if we act on a “message” that we really made up?

Fortunately, we can use a simple technique to receive outward confirmation for our intuitive messages.  I call it programming prayer.

How Does Programming Prayer Work?

Once during meditation, I had a powerful, but disconcerting thought: fast for 45 days.  It had all the marks of an intuitive message.  It was clear and felt right.  But a 45-day fast seemed pretty extreme, and I wanted to make sure I was not making it up before I followed the advice.

So, I prayed: God, if you want me to fast for 45 days, have someone say “fast” to me by the end of the day today.  If I do not hear “fast,” I won’t follow this message.

Lo and behold, a few hours later I was hanging out with my friend.  “How did your last fast go, Jessica?” she asked.  I raised my eyebrows in surprise because the programming prayer had worked and because this meant my spirit guides really did want me to undertake a prolonged fast.

As I completed the 45-day master cleanse, I was very grateful that I had received confirmation.  Many people questioned me and tried to get me to stop, but I could rest assured that I had received a command from the universe, which clearly knows what is right for me, and could ignore the people who tried to derail my progress.

Using Programming Prayer to Determine A Course of Treatment

Recently, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a mysterious autoimmune disorder where your joints become inflamed and painful as your immune system turns against itself.  Scary, huh?

The rheumatologist I saw told me I needed to begin aggressively treating the disease with a powerful pharmaceutical drug immediately.  She told me I would need to take this pill for the rest of my life and see her regularly to review my blood tests, since the medicine can be quite toxic.

Now, I am completely open to using whatever form of treatment will help, but I do have some skepticism about modern Western medicine and pharmaceuticals in particular.  After all, the last time a doctor tried to give me pills (to induce a missing period), I was able to heal the condition by drumming myself into a trance and using color therapy, which was a decidedly nontoxic (and free) treatment.

So, I prayed: Goddess, if you want me to pursue Western medicine, have someone say “prescription” to me by the end of this weekend.  If you want me to pursue natural medicine, have someone say “rat.”  And if you want me to pursue a blend of both, have someone say “alien” by Sunday evening.

I hung out with people all weekend, eager to hear the confirmation.  Friends would talk about medicine or pills, but no one said “prescription.”  Then, late Sunday afternoon, an energy healer said the magic word: rat.  I thought it was amazing that the message not only came through, but came through a natural healer.

Of course, some people freaked out and worried I had misheard the message.  So I actually prayed again, using different code words, and heard the code word for natural healing a second time within an hour.  Now I can rest assured that I am pursuing the appropriate treatment for me.  My guides know what is best for me and can see the long-term picture in a way that no doctor, no parent, and really, no person, can.

How Do I Use Programming Prayer?

Programming prayer works to confirm an intuitive message you’ve received or to determine the right course of action.  It is a technique for receiving divine guidance through external confirmation in a pre-determined way.

(1)  Assign a code word to each potential choice you could make.  You will want to be sure that you have a code word to cover all the options.

Example: Universe, please have someone say “mustang” to me by the end of the day if you want me to get that new car.  Please have someone say “savings” to me by the end of the day if the new car is not in my best interest.

(2)  Ask that you hear someone speak that word to you by the end of the day to confirm your intuitive message.  Because you specified that the word be spoken, you can ignore written messages.  And setting a deadline means that you’ll get your confirmation in a timely manner.

(3)  Wait and see what happens!  Be sure that you have written down your code words in case you forget what they mean.

Definitely let me know how this works for you.  I love programming prayer because it reminds me how mysterious the universe really is.  I am always amazed that my code words come up before the deadline and in the exact way I specified I receive them.  Wild, right?

I hope you enjoy the technique and that it helps you to develop trust in your intuition and messages from your spirit guides.