Inexpensive Reiki Table Will Get Your Practice Started

Are you interested in starting a professional Reiki practice but need a massage table for your clients?  When I initially felt the call to begin practicing, I hesitated to purchase a table because many of the ones that I saw advertised cost several hundred dollars and I was not sure how successful my practice would be.   Fortunately, I found an inexpensive table that gets the job done. I would recommend it to any beginning practitioner.

This BestMassage Two Fold Portable Massage and Reiki Table is a $285 value that sells for less than $70 on Amazon and is shipped directly to your door. This affordable massage table is easy to transport. It folds in half and comes with a carrying case with handles and a pocket. So, You can carry the Reiki table to meet with your clients. It also has an adjustable headrest and arm extenders that can make this cheap massage table comfortable for your Reiki treatments.  The surface is supportive and easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this cheap Reiki table to anyone who is interested in beginning a professional Reiki practice.