Channeled Archangel Michael Message: Celebrate Life Daily

Spiritual Messages Series

angelIn this series, Holy Fire Usui Reiki Master-Teacher Jessica Hitch is channeling spirit guides to receive spirit guide messages.  Jessica learned she was psychic after she received her Reiki attunement.  She teaches you to access your intuition in Connect with Your Guides, a Channeling How-To Series.  She also offers a monthly Channeling Circle where you can practice receiving spiritual messages and messages from your angels and guides.

Channeling Archangel Michael

I am here to acknowledge the good works each of you do each day, and to encourage you to focus on your beneficial contributions as well.

Too many of you feel that you must attain perfection to “be spiritual” or to “evolve.”  But messages from archangel michaeltruly, a state of acceptance is all that life requires.

Your life’s journey is a bit like a river flowing from a mountain peak to the ocean.  You are well equipped with an internal, instinctual guidance system that tells you how to move forward and reach the ocean again.  When you listen and follow your intuition, you are flowing easily with the river of your life and will naturally return to your source and nourish many others as you follow your natural course.

When you resist by entertaining doubt or skepticism, you hang on to the river bank.  The currents continue to flow.  You may find yourself feeling out of sorts, nervous, or afraid, but your instinct will tell you to let go and surrender to the powerful loving force that guides you through life.

An excellent way to do this is to connect to your Higher Self, or soul aspect.  In this way, you will feel your truth and be able to perceive what to expect as you move forward with your divine mission.  Your Higher Self sees the entire route your river will run through your life on earth, and can help you prepare for rough rapids or gentle flow.

dallas reiki master-teacherWant help channeling your Higher Self, angels, or spirit guides?  They have valuable information that can help you realize your mission on earth.  Dallas, TX Reiki master and clairvoyant medium Jessica Hitch teaches a course on channeling your spirit guides and offers a monthly channeling class where you can learn how to channel your spirit guides or Higher Self in a safe, supportive environment.  You can also learn simple techniques to communicate with angels in this blog post with video: How to Connect with Your Angels.


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Channeled Archangel Michael Message: Celebrate Life Daily

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Enhance Psychic Powers with Reiki

ImageI became connected with Reiki shortly after stumbling onto my spiritual path. For most of my life, I did not have any type of spiritual belief system, other than believing that church was always boring. I was interested in so-called supernatural phenomenon, but tended toward science and rational thought.

When I received my first Reiki treatment, I could tell that this gentle healing energy had changed the way I saw the world. Colors were brighter, and I was enveloped in a soothing peace. After my attunement, Reiki began healing my energy system, and psychic powers gradually emerged. I am still surprised when new talents develop as I continue along my Reiki path.

Before Reiki, I was not in touch with my intuition at all, although I did practice meditation.  Reiki combined with meditation, practice, and psychic development training have greatly enhanced my latent psychic powers and can do so for you as well.

Connection with SImagepirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels

When you receive a Reiki attunement, you also receive a connection to Reiki masters who have crossed over and to your team of spiritual helpers.

We all have a Higher Self that guides us on our earth walk. This is the self that chose to incarnate, knows our mission and purpose, and knows our hearts and current situation.  Reiki helps clear your energy system so that this connection is stronger.

You may also find yourself interacting with enlightened masters like Jesus Christ or Kuan Yin. I personally have experienced a stronger connection to the angels and archangels. Depending on your individual makeup, you might find that you are able to discern your spirit team’s messages using psychic powers like clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Empathic Abilities

It is very common for people who are drawn to the healing arts to also be empaths. As an empath, Spirit blesses me with an internal experience of another person so that I can help guide them or better understand their challenge.

For example, I may notice that I feel nauseated while the client is describing an upsetting situation in her life. This is my cue that that situation is not helping her digestion, and I can tailor my guidance to fit my impression. Sometimes, I will feel depressed when I am giving Reiki to a particular area, so I know that there is an emotional component to the problem and I can use the mental–emotional healing symbol to help clear it out.

Before I was attuned to Reiki, I did not understand my empathic abilities, and I actually “took on” other people’s stuff and thought it was my own. Once you are connected to Reiki, you will go down the path of discovering how to trust, develop, and deepen any psychic gifts that open.

Sensing Subtle Energies

Practicing Reiki helps increase your sensitivity to the subtle energy systems that undergird all reality. Sometimes I even see auras or special resonant fields around people, animals, or plants.  My hands have become acutely sensitive. I can feel energetic disruptions above my clients or when I am blessing and clearing a space. Sometimes, my hands will activate and begin sending Reiki just because someone needs it. I can sense the flow of this energy and tell when it stops and how strong it is. I also pick up on subtle cues from the environment.


I have developed the capacity to send and receive information telepathically, including with animals. The first time I gave a Reiki treatment to a dog, it was suffering from cancer.  I decided to try asking it questions to see what happened. It gave me very clear information about the type of diet it wanted using images that appeared in my mind. I was skeptical at first, but discovered that the food the dog was asking for was in fact recommended to help dogs fight cancer.

Now, if I want my cat to come home, I beam that desire telepathically, and he returns in about 15 minutes. You can also use telepathic power to communicate with people with whom you share a relationship, send healing, radiate kind and loving thoughts, and more.

So, those are just a few examples of the types of psychic powers and gifts that can develop when you connect to Reiki. It is a different experience for every individual, but it does seem to be universal that a Reiki attunement enhances psychic gifts in anyone who regularly uses Reiki.

Why Would a “Normal Person” See a Psychic?

Image Psychic.  For many the profession seems to be a half-step away from “psycho.”   The word conjures up images of crazy women with crystal balls waving their arms, fluttering their eyes, and delivering cryptic messages to susceptible clients.  For this reason, I hesitated to declare myself psychic publicly, even though my spirit guides insisted!

The truth is that we are all psychic, but developing your faculties takes effort for most people.  The series of Reiki attunements really activated my intuitive senses. I continue to hone these skills through study, practice, and training.  My intuitive connection has been invaluable to me as I walk my spiritual path with purpose, and the help I have received from other psychics has been equally useful.  So, if psychics aren’t just a freak sideshow, why would a “normal” person visit one?

Clarity on Your Spiritual Path

Good psychics connect to the loving source of all that is (whether you know it as God, Goddess, or the Grand Poobah) and your team of spirit guides and angels when they ask to receive guidance.  A reading can help you to gain clarity about your spiritual path and purpose on this planet that you might not be able to discern yourself.

Move Past Limiting Beliefs

Psychics can also get information that you might be blocking due to a limiting belief system or self-concept.  When I was wrapped up in graduate school, I was shocked to hear a psychic tell me I would enjoy developing my creativity.  That wasn’t on my course syllabus!  I would not have made creativity a priority in my life if I had not had this guidance because I did not see myself in that way.  But creating art has been deeply healing for me.  Sometimes you just need an unbiased opinion…

See Through Emotional Storms

Sometimes life events cause emotional turmoil that knocks us off our feet.  In moments like these, it feels impossible to discern the wisest way to get out of a debacle.   We might be so caught up in a crush that we can’t see straight about how the relationship fits into the larger picture of our lives.   Or a fight with our boss leaves us feeling vulnerable and scared about our career. When your emotions are strong, it is more difficult to see clearly, and so you might make rash decisions.  A psychic gives the gift of nonattached, informed counsel that can help you move through your emotional storms while staying on your highest path.

Fun, Self-Exploration, and Healing

Truth be told, receiving a psychic reading is fun!  Even professional psychics love to receive them.  I am always surprised by the messages that come through and really enjoy learning more about myself.  A psychic can really help you see a situation from a new angle that you might not have seen yourself.  Plus, the energy generated during a good psychic reading is actually deeply healing, so you’ll walk away feeling more calm and empowered.

There are some weirdos out there (in every profession), but not all psychics are psycho. 🙂  Nor do you have to be crazy to check one out.  If you feel inclined to receive a reading, say a prayer asking to be guided to the right intuitive reader for you and trust what unfolds.  Your spirit guides will send you to the right place, and your path will be all the brighter!

Reiki and Meditation


Awareness meditation, or mindfulness, enhances your capacity as a Reiki practitioner. You can receive divine guidance, gain clarity, and cultivate energetic sensitivity through centering and grounding daily meditation.

Reiki healing meditation involves visualizing loving energy and light and best outcomes for world events, friends and family, animals, etc.

Guidance meditation involves building a relationship with an enlightened spiritual being by sending them Reiki.

Why Talk to Spirit Guides When I Can Talk to God?

We all have a team of heavenly helpers who support us on our life mission.  MosImaget people have multiple spirit guides that guide them during their lifetime, and some spirit guides that appear to help them through specific periods of their life.  Who or what are spirit guides? Typically, they are ancestral spirits, enlightened teachers, and animal totems.

Our spirit guides are our closest support system. They are closest to us here on earth and are intimately aware of our soul contracts and purposes for incarnating on the planet.  Hypnotist Michael Newton became a believer in life between lives after performing many regression sessions that had similar themes. His book, “Destiny of Souls,” contains descriptions of many of his clients’ experiences. Many of them describe meeting with a sort of spiritual team to plan their incarnation on earth and review the outcome of their life after Imagedeath. The book describes soul groups that help each other grow spiritually while living on earth. Our spirit guides are here to make sure we don’t get off track.

It is easy to connect with your guides and get clear and accurate information to help you navigate your life. The simplest technique is to sit in meditation and offer the intention to  safely meet your spirit guides. Then imagine that you see, smell, hear, feel, or otherwise sense your guides around you. Trust what you experience as your guides reveal themselves to you and take notes so you can remember them later.

Once you build a relationship, you can visit or talk to your guides at any time and get answers to all of your burning questions. You may also be able to sense their loving, calm presence around you as Imageyou go throughout your day.

It is important to communicate with your spirit guides even though we can all also talk to God directly about any concerns that we have. God receives all prayer and is a valuable resource, But to some extent, he is like the CEO of the company. Spirit guides are more like our immediate supervisors. They follow God’s lead, but know us better and have more time to help us out than God does. They are also closer in density to the vibration on earth, so they can help us to navigate the material world and offer practical advice.