Enhance Psychic Powers with Reiki

ImageI became connected with Reiki shortly after stumbling onto my spiritual path. For most of my life, I did not have any type of spiritual belief system, other than believing that church was always boring. I was interested in so-called supernatural phenomenon, but tended toward science and rational thought.

When I received my first Reiki treatment, I could tell that this gentle healing energy had changed the way I saw the world. Colors were brighter, and I was enveloped in a soothing peace. After my attunement, Reiki began healing my energy system, and psychic powers gradually emerged. I am still surprised when new talents develop as I continue along my Reiki path.

Before Reiki, I was not in touch with my intuition at all, although I did practice meditation.  Reiki combined with meditation, practice, and psychic development training have greatly enhanced my latent psychic powers and can do so for you as well.

Connection with SImagepirit Guides, Higher Self, Angels

When you receive a Reiki attunement, you also receive a connection to Reiki masters who have crossed over and to your team of spiritual helpers.

We all have a Higher Self that guides us on our earth walk. This is the self that chose to incarnate, knows our mission and purpose, and knows our hearts and current situation.  Reiki helps clear your energy system so that this connection is stronger.

You may also find yourself interacting with enlightened masters like Jesus Christ or Kuan Yin. I personally have experienced a stronger connection to the angels and archangels. Depending on your individual makeup, you might find that you are able to discern your spirit team’s messages using psychic powers like clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

Empathic Abilities

It is very common for people who are drawn to the healing arts to also be empaths. As an empath, Spirit blesses me with an internal experience of another person so that I can help guide them or better understand their challenge.

For example, I may notice that I feel nauseated while the client is describing an upsetting situation in her life. This is my cue that that situation is not helping her digestion, and I can tailor my guidance to fit my impression. Sometimes, I will feel depressed when I am giving Reiki to a particular area, so I know that there is an emotional component to the problem and I can use the mental–emotional healing symbol to help clear it out.

Before I was attuned to Reiki, I did not understand my empathic abilities, and I actually “took on” other people’s stuff and thought it was my own. Once you are connected to Reiki, you will go down the path of discovering how to trust, develop, and deepen any psychic gifts that open.

Sensing Subtle Energies

Practicing Reiki helps increase your sensitivity to the subtle energy systems that undergird all reality. Sometimes I even see auras or special resonant fields around people, animals, or plants.  My hands have become acutely sensitive. I can feel energetic disruptions above my clients or when I am blessing and clearing a space. Sometimes, my hands will activate and begin sending Reiki just because someone needs it. I can sense the flow of this energy and tell when it stops and how strong it is. I also pick up on subtle cues from the environment.


I have developed the capacity to send and receive information telepathically, including with animals. The first time I gave a Reiki treatment to a dog, it was suffering from cancer.  I decided to try asking it questions to see what happened. It gave me very clear information about the type of diet it wanted using images that appeared in my mind. I was skeptical at first, but discovered that the food the dog was asking for was in fact recommended to help dogs fight cancer.

Now, if I want my cat to come home, I beam that desire telepathically, and he returns in about 15 minutes. You can also use telepathic power to communicate with people with whom you share a relationship, send healing, radiate kind and loving thoughts, and more.

So, those are just a few examples of the types of psychic powers and gifts that can develop when you connect to Reiki. It is a different experience for every individual, but it does seem to be universal that a Reiki attunement enhances psychic gifts in anyone who regularly uses Reiki.

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

Originally posted on February 13, 2012

Thought forms have the power to impact our vibrational field as well as the fields of those we think about.  Thought forms are created when a strong emotion meets a thought.  According to William Rand, who started the International Center for Reiki Training, these thought forms travel to the person being thought of and impact the energy around them.  The impact depends both on the nature of the thought form and the condition of the recipient’s aura.

If you feel angry at your boss, you are sending thought forms to that person.  If your boss has psychic protection in place and a strong auric field, it is less likely they will be impacted.  But if your boss is weak or vulnerable, the energetic power of your thought form will begin to invade her auric field and can influence how she thinks and acts.  It might even cause some illness!  Many shamans and magickal people throughout time have recognized this phenomenon… after all, what are curses, but powerful thought forms?

So obviously, you will want to keep your aura strong and healthy and work with your guides and angels to stay protected on the psychic plane.  A simple way to do this is to invite the angels of protection to be with you all day when you arise in the morning, then ask the angels of healing to remove and transform any unwholesome energies you received that day before you go to bed at night.  Meditating also increases your vibration, and you will be more aware of whether an energy is yours or someone else’s.  And of course keeping healthy habits will empower you with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength and reduce all types of vulnerability to harm.

Reading about this, I immediately became curious about what thought forms were being sent my way and decided to check it out.  Once I saw and felt the thought forms, I asked to see who sent them, and telepathically sent a healing image in response.  I read in Sanaya Roman’s Personal Power through Awareness that the images others carry of us can impact our own success, so I sent back the images I wanted those people to see and felt an emotional release and much joy as the new images and sensations filled my body!  This exercise raised my vibration and enhanced my personal awareness.

Telepathic Thought Form Healing Meditation

1) Get relaxed and call on your angels to center and ground you for this healing meditation.  Focus on your breath for three or four breaths, and proceed when your mind is calm.

2) Intend to see four thought forms that are in your auric field.  In your mind’s eye, imagine four wadded up balls of paper.  Each one represents a thoughtform.

3) Pick up the paper balls one at a time and open them.  Take a moment to feel the essence of the thought form in your body.  How do you feel physically?  Is there any emotional content?  Do you feel a connection to any specific chakras or part of your body?  Does the energy feel beneficial or harmful?

4) Ask to see who sent the thought form and trust what comes.  You may see a specific person, a spirit guide, or a collection of people.

5) Calm your mind and decide how you’d like to respond.  With my visualization, I saw that a loved one was hoping I was happy and had plenty of money, so I beamed an image of Lakshmi,


the goddess of wealth, with gold coins running from her hands, and of me drumming and dancing and having a good time.  Another person was sending me the thought that I was lazy and inefficient (and I felt weighed down at my shoulders and upset), so I sent back a sense of right dilligence, joy, and compassion (goddess Kuan Yin)

Kuan Yin

till I felt good and relieved from the thought form.  I also saw that many people thought that I am an extremely happy person, so I sent them all the wish, “May you be happy” till I felt full up of love!

6) Continue to work with each thought form till you feel complete.  Thank your guides, come back to earth, and enjoy your day!

And of course, be mindful of the thought forms you send to others…  Each thought has the capacity to be a blessing or a curse… Let yours be kind 🙂