Guided Shielding Meditation for Psychic Protection


Many individuals who are drawn to healing work are empathic or highly sensitive and need psychic protection. In this guided meditation, I lead you through a visualization to ground, center, and guard your energy so that you can go through the day in peace.

Without a shield, you leave yourself open to be unduly influenced by others’ energies or energies from the collective. With a shield, you are able to contain and direct your energy according to your will in a way that serves your highest good. Try it and see the difference it makes.

Reiki and Meditation


Awareness meditation, or mindfulness, enhances your capacity as a Reiki practitioner. You can receive divine guidance, gain clarity, and cultivate energetic sensitivity through centering and grounding daily meditation.

Reiki healing meditation involves visualizing loving energy and light and best outcomes for world events, friends and family, animals, etc.

Guidance meditation involves building a relationship with an enlightened spiritual being by sending them Reiki.

Reiki & Goddess Spirituality


Reiki and goddess spirituality are complementary practices. You can send Reiki to healing goddesses like Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Gaia, and Kundalini Shakti and receive the blessing of embodying their characteristics in return. these powerful goddesses are holding energies of compassion, love, transformation, and healing for the collective.