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The # 1 Challenge Blocking Your Psychic Powers: How To Trust Your Intuition

So many of my clients want to know, “Am I psychic?” Most of them have experienced flow, coincidence, and synchronicity when they have followed their intuition, but many also have fears or blocks when it comes to trusting their gut intuition.

If you are interested in developing your psychic powers quickly, it is key to overcome the number 1 challenge blocking your psychic powers. In this short video, I explain an easy technique that will help you to strengthen your intuition.

What is the number 1 challenge blocking your psychic powers? It is simply the voice of the ego.

The ego is a critical voice that may say things like, “You are just making that up,” or, “You don’t know what you are doing,” whenever you attempt to access your intuition.  Your actual gut intuition is the first thought, feeling, knowing, or sensation that comeditation-1384758_960_720mes to you after you make an inquiry to your spirit guides or your inner knowing.

It is easy to overcome this block and begin to unlock your psychic powers and develop psychic abilities fast.

First, learn to recognize the voice of the ego and do your best to ignore or negate it. Your intuition will be your first impression––whatever image, feeling, thought, or sensation comes to you––after you make a request for spiritual guidance or intuitive information.

Next, keep a journal with all of the intuitive impressions you receive whenever you attempt to access spiritual guidance or your inner knowing. Over time, you will be able to look back and see the wisdom in the messages you are receiving. This will help you to trust the still voice within in the future so that you can unlock your psychic powers and access your inner knowing to help guide you on your path in life.

Interested in developing your psychic abilities?  Dallas Reiki Master-Teacher and Clairvoyant Medium Jessica Hitch offers 1-on-1 psychic training classes by appointment.


Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis/Lyme Disease/Chronic Pain Holistically

Three Years with Rheumatoid Arthritis: Health Update (Good News!)

I have experienced so many miracles as far as my healing, and I haven’t given an update in a few years. Back in 2012, I was disabled. I was in a wheelchair. I was in so much pain, I couldn’t even put water to my face and drink it, and I needed help with managing day-to-day life.

Now, I can walk. I haven’t been in a wheelchair for several years. I still have a little bit of joint pain––and some days a lot––but I continue to get healthier. I’ve been treating my rheumatoid arthritis using holistic methods.  I used Humira and Methotrexate for a short time, and I’ve been off of them for over a year, and I’m so happy. I feel even better without the side effects of the medicines.

I am managing my rheumatoid arthritis completely naturally with herbs, supplements, reducing stress, and an elimination diet. I treat myself with Reiki every day and receive Reiki from other people in healing shares, and I pray so much to Archangel Raphael for healing.

As I prayed, my intuition led me to Dr. Lewis Cone in Dallas, and I went and saw him. He is a chiropractor who uses muscle testing, and he helped me discover that  something that was causing my disability was Lyme disease. He gave me a natural protocol including red wine, coconut oil, and other elements that I could find at the natural food store. Over the course of 6 to 8 weeks, I healed myself from this Lyme disease drinking red wine.  It was amazing! All the terrible pain in my feet and swelling went away.

I still have rheumatoid arthritis and joint deformities and things, but through healing  the gut and the diet, I found out that foods like dairy, gluten, pork, nightshades, and even chicken can cause issues for me. For me it is all personal, and if you don’t heal the gut––find out what makes it worse for you.

I’m so glad I am free of any external things. I wanted to be able to sense what my body was telling me and take care of it, and for me, the injections and pills––besides having terrible side effects––just didn’t make sense to me. I want to get to the root cause. My body is trying to tell me something.  It’s great that there are solutions that help relieve pain temporarily––and it’s great for anyone to benefit from whatever treatment they desire––but my body wanted me to treat the root cause.

Besides that, there is an emotional element, and I can’t just treat the symptoms and ignore the emotional element. Sometimes when I feel joint pain, I can actually check in, and there is a certain emotion. It could be guilt or something that is unhealed, some part that is unloved. There’s a lot of inner work that I have done.

So inner healing in my physical gut, emotionally, letting myself process and feel my emotions, mentally, changing ways of thinking, being less self-critical and relaxing, enjoying life. I have the feeling most people with rheumatoid arthritis have similar mental challenges where maybe you have turned against yourself and struggle inside. I could be wrong––this is all based off of my personal experience.

14522938_10104269317884540_6817267944457161524_nBut I just realized, I’m doing well. I can walk. I may walk slower than other people, but I can do what I need to do each day, and I take time to rest. It is not always easy. I don’t think rheumatoid arthritis is easy for anyone, but I can say it has gotten easier for me to manage, to live with, and I’m so grateful for Reiki and my healing guides and all the people who have helped me on my path. And I just have the feeling I’m going to get healthier and healthier.

I remember back in the day I drew pictures of me going, “Remission!” and I imagined that I could walk. Sometimes it was hard. I would be crying and couldn’t even imagine being able to walk again, but I saw YouTube videos where a girl was back in the gym. And now, I’ve been working out in the water. Water aerobics feels so good, and the sauna. Also massage. Yeah.

So rheumatoid arthritis has probably brought quite a lot of blessings to my life. Back when I was in so much pain, I actually prayed to die, and now I am glad that prayer was not answered because I’m able to participate in my life again. But if any of you are out there suffering in similar pain that I was, my heart goes out to you. At the time I felt so hopeless. I felt I would never be better, and I even had healthcare practitioners tell me I could expect to get worse, not to hike again, and to get into a wheelchair. But this has not been the case.

We all have our own inner healer or inner wisdom that can help us heal insights or with your own wisdom to get on how to heal. Just ask your body, “What do you need to heal?” My intuition guided me through what would be uplifting and joyful and fun. Those things are healthy. And whatever I felt resistance to and struggle to were detrimental.

Inside, we all know what is best for us, and I just want to support everyone with rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune disease or whatever chronic pain issue to tune into your body. Embrace the sensations. Invite them to speak to you. Ask if there is an affirmation you could say that would help ease the pain. Maybe it is, “I am loved.” Think that affirmation, take it and hold it in your heart, and say it in your mind until the pain dissolves. You can really heal and benefit from the power within.

So I have a lot more to say about this, but this is just a short update on my health and to encourage anyone who is currently suffering from something that is painful, terrible, disabling. You can heal, and there is good waiting for you. Follow your intuition, follow your inner healer, and I am sure you can find ways to help your life be better.

Reiki & Readings @ Addison Wellness Expo This Weekend

12993483_974248892624375_5244459898186944234_nJoin Peaceful Presents at the Addison Wellness Expo this Saturday and Sunday, 11-6.

Pre-book a 20-minute Reiki session or psychic reading here:


Changing Bad Habits to Good Habits

Many of my Reiki healing clients want to change bad habits to good habits and improve their lifestyle, their way of thinking, their relationships, and more. But although these individuals are making great progress, they tend to focus on their perceived faults instead of on the positive changes they have made in their life. The Angels and Spirit guides have made it clear to me that this approach undermines positive change in our life and dilutes our power.

  • Our spirit guides want us to focus on our progress and take it easy. Often we put too much pressure on ourselves to achieve a goal by a certain time and get upset or stressed when we don’t accomplish it. This creates resistance and makes it even harder for us to heal.
  • Practice self-compassion; even our bad habits serve a purpose. You developed whatever bad habit you are now seeking to change because it helped you to meet a real need. Be gentle with yourself as you develop new ways of being in the world.
  • Instead of focusing on your weaknesses, focus on the positive and keep your shortcomings in perspective. After all, the desire to make a change in your life is in itself worth celebrating. And beyond that, any steps in that direction of positive change, no matter how small, are helping you to become stronger and create your new life. So focus on the progress you are making.

 Channeled Message from Archangel Metatron

“Honoring Your Progress”

Dear ones, I am here to share the perspective of your loving spiritual guides with you. We are always sending you inspiring thoughts and ideas and healing energy, and it delights us when you follow your intuition and try something new to improve your experience.

But many of you have difficulty honoring your progress as you make changes in your lifestyle. We guides want you to know that we support you fully. We wish you would focus more on all the progress you have made and spend less time worrying about your perceived failures and faults. When you worry or feel insecure about your abilities, you risk manifesting more of the same. But when you focus on your strengths and honestly assess the progress you have made, you fill yourself with love and begin to approve of yourself and your accomplishments.

The archangels want you all to know that life is a process of evolution. You will never be perfect, and at the same time, you are always perfect. We always support you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, your thoughts, your beliefs, and your relationships. Please focus on the small steps you make every day that ultimately build up into radical transformation.

So many of you are far too critical of yourselves. Many feel unworthy to receive even basic approval. This benefits no one and in fact prevents you from offering your light and love fully on the planet. We guides never focus on where you are lacking, but we always support you in your strengths.

So stop moaning the piece of cake you shouldn’t have even or the workout that you skipped and focus instead on the multiple times you opted for fruit instead of fattening desserts, or how often you get exercise walking your dog, and so on.

In every situation, you have actions, thoughts, and beliefs that align fully with who you are and who you wish to be. Sometimes it may feel as if everything is working against you, but in truth, you are often working against your self. Please stop focusing on your perceived failures and criticizing your self.

Instead, support yourself and focus on what you are doing right. As your focus changes, you will see the universe move mountains to support you in improving your life. And as always, if you need help, call on the Angels. We will be there to provide for you.

Changing Bad Habits to Good with Reiki & Hypnosis

Reiki and hypnosis have helped me change bad habits to good in a way that was fast, fun, and easy.  Valerie Grimes of the Flow Center helped me quitwoman-918616_960_720 smoking cigarettes with personal hypnosis sessions, which included her valuable guidance as well as take-home recordings that anchored in the changes.

After my first session, I saw someone smoking and no longer craved the experience.  After listening to the follow-up recordings, it has been easy to quit–much easier than it was the other two times I quit with sheer willpower or nicotine gum.  I am convinced it is most effective to go to the root cause in the unconscious mind rather than try to wrangle our conscious mind into submission when quitting cigarettes.

Reiki also helps us change bad habits to good because it addresses the energetic root cause of any disorder.  Often we hold limiting beliefs, painful memories, ancestral wounds, suppressed emotions, triggers from past traumas, or difficult childhoods that shame-799097_960_720contribute to our bad habits or addictions.  Reiki sends a gentle loving energy to heal and soothe the root cause of any bad habit we wish to change.  Then change comes from within with ease, rather than difficulty or struggle.

During one of my attempts at quitting smoking (which I had started doing because I was participating in shamanic prayer ceremonies that involved tobacco), I decided to charge my pack of cigarettes with Reiki before smoking.  I wanted fewer cigarettes and ended up giving away most of the pack.  Plus blessing the tobacco with Reiki made the ones I did smoke more sacred and reduced the harmful energies (though still not enough to make smoking tobacco healthy for my constitution!).

Changing Bad Habits to Good with Meditation

Meditation helps us change bad habits to good in several ways:

  • Generates awareness of our habitual responses
  • Generates awareness of how habitual responses diminish our joy
  • Generates compassion for our self and others
  • Generates awareness we can transform our habitual ways of being, thinking, and doing so that we experience more joy
  • Connects us to our physical body and emotional and mental experience in the present moment, which is precious
  • Opens us to receive divine and intuitive guidance
  • Relaxes us so that we can heal
  • Creates space around us so that we are protected from others and stronger in our positive energy
  • Helps us understand the root cause of our bad habits
  • Connects us with friends who seek to cultivate good habits

I am an advocate for daily meditation.  It is the wisest thing I ever did.  I have healed from depression, physical disability, and social anxiety thanks to practicing meditation.  I have alsc8379049198a2a8ef1935dde8295db68o developed psychic abilities and an intuitive knowing that is beyond magical, and I have been blessed with countless blissful mystical and spiritual experiences on my path.

Sitting and watching your breath for as little as 5 minutes a day can radically improve and transform your life.  If you can fit in 45 minutes a day, you will experience deep healing and spiritual development.  Please check out the Dallas Meditation Center for mindfulness meditation practice groups and sanghas in Dallas, TX.

Ultimately, we can easily and joyfully change bad habits to good by being gentle with ourselves and honoring our progress, no matter how small.  Reiki touch therapy and hypnosis also assist us in healing the root cause of any bad habit so that change emerges naturally from within and is less difficult.

Our loving spirit guides, archangels, ancestors, Higher Selves, and Source all support us in our full healing and joyful existence.  Our intuition is the bridge that helps us access their wisdom.  Always ask for help from this spiritual support team and know you will be guided to make improvements in a way that is gentle and loving.  Then honor your progress and enjoy the ride!

Exploring Past Lives

We will look deeply into your past lives in this one-on-one 2-hour training session.  We will also send healing to your past lives so that you can experience greater well-being.

Course includes:

  • Personal past-life psychic reading
  • Guided meditation to access and heal your past lives
  • Information about how to identify and confirm past lives
  • Reiki healing session
  • Akashic records briefing

This personalized training session costs $150.  Please book online today!




Manifestation Bootcamp


Learn to easily and joyfully manifest your desires in a way that serves the highest good in this two-part bootcamp series.  Each session will harness the natural energies of the moon cycles to empower our intentions, so we will meet once near the new moon and once near the full moon for our training.

In addition to receiving teachings and practices, you will receive a powerful healing 8fbcf7f0c1abeb87afe0c5fddae76840attunement that will help you release any blocks to your successful manifestation.

You will learn:

  • The power of intention
  • How to phrase your manifestations
  • Tips for getting positive manifestations
  • Trust and faith in your intuition and spiritual support
  • How to use your emotions to help you manifest
  • How to transform thoughts and beliefs to support your manifestation
  • What your soul yearns for you to manifest
  • The power of gratitude

You will also experience:

  • Powerful healing attunement to help release blocks
  • Guided “Manifest a Miracle” meditation
  • Creating a personal vision board (materials included)

This course follows the moon cycles and is available on the following dates for 2016:

 Wednesday, Aug. 3   Sunday, Aug. 21 or Wednesday, Aug. 24
  Sunday, Sept. 4 or Wednesday, Aug. 31   Sunday, Sept. 18 or Wednesday, Sept. 14
  Sunday, Sept. 28 or Wednesday, Oct. 2   Sunday, Oct. 16 or Wednesday, Oct. 19
  Sunday, Oct. 30 or Wednesday, Nov. 2   Sunday, Nov. 13 or Wednesday, Nov. 16
  Sunday, Nov. 27 or Wednesday, Nov. 30   Sunday, Dec. 11 or Wednesday, Dec. 14

This is a 2-part series, and each 1-on-1 session will be two hours long. Your first session is $150, and then $100 for the remaining one (or $250 total).

Please book your first session today, and we will schedule the remaining session at our first meeting!




Metaphysical Aspects of Disease

shame-799097_960_720Are you interested in gaining insight into the underlying metaphysical aspects of your physical experience?  We will explore your issue in depth in this personalized session. You will describe the issue you’d like to work on to me before we meet, and I will provide personalized handouts for you to take home.

 This 1-on-1 training includes:

  • Introduction to metaphysical aspects of disease
  • Personalized information on metaphysical aspects of impacted organs and body systems
  • Meditation to discover the root cause of your issue
  • Exploration into emotional, mental, and spiritual influences
  • Meditation to discover what your body is telling you through your symptoms
  • Personalized healing guidance, including affirmations, colors, and crystals
  • Resources for further explorationchakra-1079746_960_720

This course will give you the tools to assess the underlying causes of any challenge you face.  With awareness of the cause, you can also begin to heal and create greater well-being in your life.

This is a 1-part series, and your 1-on-1 session will be two hours long. Your first session is $150.  Please book your first session today!