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dallas reiki master-teacher

Reiki Has Brought Magic to My Life

I have been walking a healing path since 2006, when I suddenly began seeing 11:11 everywhere.  Now I know this was how my angels got through to me.  At the time, I had no clue I was psychic, but I had started to learn more about the chakras, the basics of energy healing, crystal medicine, elemental altar work, dream interpretation, channeling, yoga, and meditation.

I soon discovered that magic is real and that prayer and intention lead to powerful, miraculous manifestation. In 2008, I began traveling across the country and found myself attracting shamanic practitioners, Reiki masters, mystics, yogis, and healers everywhere I went.

I lived for a time in the California redwoods and learned to dialogue with nature, work with herbs, and feel energy. In California, I discovered a community that was turned on to hands-on healing and supportive of my spiritual growth. I also created an intuitive card deck and began practicing readings.

Studies in Shamanism

After a while, I returned to my Texas hometown and continued to deepen my meditation practice. I discovered Lynn Wolf, a local shamanic practitioner, and completed several shamanic journey workshops with her. I learned to drum and rattle, to set sacred space, and to journey with intention for self and others.

Connecting to Reiki Healing Energy


I received my Reiki I attunement from Pamela Mauras at Ascension Healing in Forth Worth in 2009.  I am so grateful for her powerful influence on my life.  Pamela not only connected me to Reiki Universal Life Force Energy, but she also inspired me to explore the sacred feminine and delve into goddess spirituality.

I’ve heard Reiki puts you on your personal perfect spiritual path, and that has been true for me.  Shortly after my attunement, I moved into the Rudra Center for Enlightened Awareness (a.k.a. Blue Thunder Lodge) in Denton, TX, and began studying shamanism with gifted ceremonialist Silver Ra Baker. I discuss this synchronous turn of events in this video.

I was guided to move to the community and had the opportunity to participate in monthly sweat lodges and pipe ceremonies. I deepened my work with the medicine wheel and with shamanic practices and completed my first intense ceremonial vision quest. I now quest regularly and find it is deeply healing for myself and the planet.

Commitment to Meditation


During this time, I also encountered Awakening Heart sangha, a meditation community led by Brother Chi-Sing, a disciple of Thich Nhat Hanh. I loved the peacefulness of practicing mindful sitting and walking and devoted myself to daily personal practice and weekly practice with a sangha.  I am now on the Board of Directors for the Dallas Meditation Center and facilitate First Friday Fun Night: Dance & Meditate Party! every First Friday at Dallas Meditation Center in Richardson, 8-10 PM.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to deepen my mindfulness practice by attending three multi-day retreats at Deer Park Monastery and a week-long retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh at Magnolia Grove.

Deepening Reiki Practice

My Reiki II attunement left me feeling a heightened level of connection to the gentle, loving Reiki energy. All the while, I had been practicing on friends, family, plants, and whatever else would let me try out my new skill. I began learning about manifestation and successfully applied Reiki to bring about my goals in a way that served the highest good of all parties.


In August of 2010, I received my Reiki master attunement from Pamela Mauras and began teaching classes. I love the miraculous experience of passing attunements and seeing new students delight as their hands warm up and energy begins flowing.

I continued practicing Reiki, intuitive reading, and meditation. Desiring further training, I completed a three-month psychic apprenticeship and learned how to access past lives.  I further honed my ability to channel and read cards, and I discovered a new way of practicing Reiki that integrates deep visualization and amplifies the healing process.

My sham teacher also taught me a powerful lesson about discernment and protection, much to my chagrin.  At age 27, I became almost completely disabled, with extreme physical pain that led to my inability to walk or feed myself.  I discovered my teacher had implanted harmful energies during my healing sessions.  That, and other powerful experiences, have led me to develop special advanced energy clearing techniques that can  remove harmful, malicious, negative, or toxic energies/entities from the soul/spirit body as well as physical space.

Additional Reiki Training


In 2013, I faced a classic healing crisis.  At age 27, I was in pain from head to toe and even bedridden for quite some time with what doctors called rheumatoid arthritis.  I continued to practice Reiki on myself, pray, and meditate.  I decided to receive additional attunements and training from Karen Harrison, a professional licensed teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training.  I completed Reiki I and II with her in 2013, and shortly thereafter was able to stop using a cane.

I received an additional Reiki Master attunement, as well as the Holy Fire Reiki Master attunement, between 2013 and 2015.  I also served as Karen’s assistant for multiple classes so that I could improve my teaching skills.

I now have an article published in Reiki News Fall 2018  celebrating the great benefit Holy Fire Reiki has brought me in my struggles with disabling health conditions.  I continue to use Reiki daily to treat myself and advocate for Reiki natural healing as a sensible solution for chronic pain management and relief — especially since Reiki treats the energetic root cause of any disorder to restore balance and promote wellbeing.

Hospice Volunteering

I have volunteered with Hospice Compassus, hospice and palliative care, since 2013, and have provided Reiki to help reduce pain and bring spiritual comfort to the dying.

I am available to provide intuitive readings, intuitive development, Reiki treatments, or Reiki classes by appointment.


7 thoughts on “About Jessica

  1. Hi, I haven’t been on IndigoSociety looking at other threads too much. I found one of your old threads, about a relationship that was draining you, and you thought you had something attached to your aura. I needed to see that. I’ve been detaching myself… Well, you know my name as ‘Paris Rose’ on IndigoSociety, but it’s really Marianne, from MA. I never did a fried request on IS but I think I did it, twice, by accident because it directed me to a new page with a blank box, so I checked it but I don’t think I had to do that. Computers*rolls eyes* not my thing lol. You can see me, in my avatar, and me holding my cat. She is a Blessing and so are you I’m sure for many people!

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  4. i have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as well after leaving an abusive 4 year relationship as well as being very abusive to my own body and having toxic energies around me. i find that interesting. i began this journey around the time I got pregnant with my son.

    • I find the link between abusive experiences and RA to be interesting. The medical community is researching links between the two in scientific studies. According to Nature-Nurture, “Patients with rheumatoid arthritis not only report chronically stressful adult histories (e.g. unhappy marriages or relationships, difficulties at work, or with children, etc.), but also present histories of difficulties in earlier interactions with their mothers and experiences of considerable chronic threat (Baker, 1982). In addition, rheumatoid arthritis patients report childhood histories that are characterized by emotional neglect and abuse (Walker et al., 1997a). Later adult joint swelling is associated with an increased sense of depression in response to difficulty managing interpersonal conflict as well as conflictual coping with flares (Zautra et al., 1994, 1999; Marcenaro et al., 1999).” You can read more about it here: https://www.nature-nurture.org/index.php/chronic-stress/chronic-stress-human/histories-autoimmune/

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  6. I’m interested in reiki tummo for kundalini awakening and clearing chakras. Does anyone know where I can go in the Dallas area to find it. Thank you

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